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another OT, Ghost Hunters!

Autumn&RyanAutumn&Ryan Posts: 157
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sorry ladies, i don't want to distract from TTC but because I have to wait another month and i have some scary health issues I am worried about, I wanted to ask what everyone else thinks and if you have had any "experiences with the paranormal"? We have a team of local teenagers who take cameras around to old homes and bulidings in our area and try to see if they can capture anything, it i kind of interesting. They all four SWEAR they have seen, felt and experienced things that were paranormal.
I like to watch Ghost Hunters, Paranormal state and I saw that Paranormal activity movie.
What are your experiences, if any? Are you skeptical or do you believe?
I swear I once saw a man walk across the road on a very dark, foggy early morning. I was so certain there was someone there that I slammed on the brakes....only to literally blink and he was gone. It was weird, really weird but that is my only freaky experience.


  • LokiLoki Posts: 316
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    I’m a believer. My cousin has 2 little kids. She woke up one night because she heard one of her kids playing with a noisy toy in the living room. She got up to check but her kids were sound asleep. I don’t remember what kind of toy is was, but it wasn’t an electronic one that could have been accidently left on- it was one that needed a person to play with it in order for it to make noise. She has no pets- no cat, no dog. Next night, same thing. Noisy toy, but kids asleep. Following night she woke up to find a little boy of about 3 sitting at the foot of her bed playing with the toy. She had a feeling it had been a ghost playing with the toy so when she saw the little boy she knew right away it was a ghost and wasn’t scared. He was happily playing with the toy at the foot of the bed. Very politely, my cousin told the little boy/ghost that it was okay that he came and played with toys, but that she didn’t want him playing with noisy toys in the middle of the night because it woke her up and she was sleepy. The was the last she saw/heard from him.
  • SPJ&ESPJ&E Posts: 874 ✭✭
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    I like watching those shows. I'm not sure I believe every single thing they show, but I do enjoy watching anyway.

    I used to not be a believer, but I am now because of where I work. The school has been there for a long time and a lot of people have had similar experience and seen the same little boy. I never really thought anything of it until one day I was getting something out of the cleaning closet and something touched the back of my leg. I thought I had backed into the handle of the mop bucket, but it was nowhere near me. It was strange. I have also heard voices in that kitchen several times when NO ONE else was there but me. I even checked outside because I thought maybe some kids were out there, but nothing. The kicker for me was a couple weeks ago. I was in one of the class rooms as naptime and the teacher (also a friend of mine) was sitting in a chair with her back to the door. I was sitting directly across from her, facing the door. All of the kids were asleep. I watched as the door slowly started moving and then slammed shut, very loudly. Her eyes got big and she said "Did that door just..." and I said "Uh-huh...I just watched it slam shut with no one near it". She said "Well that would explain the look on your face. That was crazy!
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  • lippysauntlippysaunt Posts: 545
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    I definitely think there's another dimension we can't always see or interact with. I can't say I've any real experiences with it though. The closest I have come was a few years ago...about 5...and I was having a BBQ and using old jars from the basement of my house for tealight candle holders and was wrapping wire around the jars. (Preface, I live in a house that's about 60 yrs old and built by a man and woman from an old grocery store they tore down. The man died in the 1960s but the woman died just before I moved in an all her stuff is still there. Her daughter lives in Colorado and just hasn't had time to deal with the house.) Anyway I distinctly felt like I was being watched...not in a bad way but in a "watcha doing" kind of way. I hadn't been able to find the wire clippers so I said "Laurita, where are the wire clippers?" out loud and instantly in my mind I had a clear picture of the drawer they were in with all of it's contents and I went to that drawer and they were right there.
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    I am scared of ghosts!!

    I had a car that was haunted - I found out later on that someone had killed them self in the car. The radio would turn on and off all by itself, the lights would turn on and off. We had all the electrical checked and nothing was wrong.

    While I owned the car - I could hear someone breathing in my bedroom at night. I would lay their and hold my breath and hear them breathing. I was the only person in my room.

    Right now I work in a 100+ year old building that was at one time a brothel (not any more :) ) but there are pictures of the ghost that lives there and you can feel her sometimes.
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  • Autumn&RyanAutumn&Ryan Posts: 157
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    I have felt being watched in the same way, not bad just curious in an old apartment i lived in years ago. Nothing ever happened though.
    I wonder if there are "rules" for example: they can only interact with living people for a specific reason.
    I have more than one friend, relative, aquaintence who has said in a very matter of fact way that they have seen ,heard, felt or even smelled a loved one shortly after their passing. They said it with such certainty, no doubt that they were actually there. not a dream or mental break down,nothing like that, they just knew that person was actually there! I think it is to give the person that is alive a sense of peace, and understanding. I have heard of this with suicide and other unexpected deaths. This has happened to my mom, when her brother passed suddenly after being struck by a freight train. She only knew he was dead for a couple of hours and he "came to her". I do think that happens and that there are reasons for it.
    I dont know about child ghosts, honestly that FREAKS me out!
  • rharris80rharris80 Posts: 43
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    Oh Ghosts! Yes, I'm a believer!

    I've had many interractions with the other side. One in particular was when I lived in a house that was over 100 years old. One night, we were sitting in the living room watching tv when my mother's pack of cigarettes flew up in the air, flipped a few times then landed on the floor. We all just stood there looking at each other and couldn't believe our eyes. We always heard people in that house - people saying our names or they would walk around. It was pretty creepy.

    My younger sister actually see's ghosts often. It may sound weird but she was given the gift to interact with them. She told me a story of an older man who came to her and said, "Please tell my grand daughter I love her." She told him she didn't know his grand daughter and he disappeared. She told me she is visited so often that she will get annoyed with them.

    One night she was sleeping and felt a girl standing next to her bed. She tried to ignore her but the girl kept touching her arm to wake her up. Aggravated with this girl, she turned around and said, "no! I can't help you right now!" She said she could feel the girl's disappointment but the ghost left anyways.

    I would like to steer clear of them at all times. They scare the crap out of me!
  • BabyBugsArrivalBabyBugsArrival Posts: 523
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    lol I love those shows, too. My DP thinks I'm kinda crazy. But, we do both believe in spirits and being able to interact with us here.

    Years ago, my ex and I lived in an older house that we shared with my brother-in-law. He's this big, macho, hunting and trucks kind of guy. I thought it was so odd that he'd often sleep with his bedroom light on, but figured he'd just fall asleep watching tv sometimes and not turn out the lights. One evening we were watching a show or movie with a ghost in it and got on the topic and it came out that my BIL was scared sometimes and would leave the lights on. LOL I laughed so hard bc it was easy to tease him for it - I mean, I could see ME doing that, but not this guy. He said "you've never seen or felt anything?"...and I said no and laughed some more. He told us that he had actually woken up with something holding his arm down so hard that he couldn't move it. And that we could see the blankets moving on the bed sometimes when he was lying still. He said he wasn't scared (yea right) but he knew there was something there and didn't want to make him mad. lol

    Sooooo....I sit there laughing at him like he's a paranoid little girl and we go to sleep later that night and I've forgotten all about it. Not long after I fell asleep, something woke me up. I can't explain why or what it was bc it's not like it was a noise or something specific but it was something. It made me gasp and my eyes popped open and I was wide awake. I looked really quickly to my left and VERY close to my pillow, right next to my face, was a man's head and he was staring at me with the strangest gaze. I couldnt tell you anything about him bc I couldn't see a body or clothes or anything, but I remember in perfect detail what his face looked like. My heart raced, I closed my eyes and then he was gone. It was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. To say the least, I was a believer and I would say things out loud to him sometimes like "i'm here by myself tonight so please don't scare me" lol
  • faythfayth Posts: 12
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    I do enjoy watching paranormal investigations, yes. I watch with a very open mind yet remain skeptical of the more obvious cheeseball wannabe ones. As for the auththtic hunters, and yes, you can tell who is on the up and up, i do feel it is legit. i love to watch true ' undisputed ' stories of this nature. Our universe is so vast and there are many deminsions of time and spcae, it only makes sense time exists within different continuoms. With that said, some personal experience are:
    a picture taken by my husband of myself, outside on a clear and calm day, no rain, no breeze. after he snapped the pic he asked me why there was a big round light on my stomach? i asked to see, and there it was, a Huge ' orb ', glowing like the sun & practically covering my whole middle section, it was beautiful thick and yellow, a perfect circle. the rest of the picture was clear and sharp quality. my mother had passed only a few years earlier. it made me wonder, but i think i already knew.
    that was a good experience. i also have extremely sensitive intuition and , not kidding, 8/10 it proves accurate. as for my hubby, he was once working on power lines for his job and was very high up on a ladder. he lost his balance, he was by himself, and he lost the grip and started to fall bakward, at that moment 'someting' forceably pushed him back forward to the ladder and he was safe. for me there was a time when i was in my Scuba gear accompanied by a not so nice person. we were standing at the coves edge drop and i was pleading that the water was too rapid , too high we should not jump in. my 'friend' pushed the issue that we were going in regardless. i just stood there. it was dangerous and i refused and began to tear up. he loudly and verbally would not back off , basically inches from 'assisting' me in so he himself could get his dive in. when out of no where i hear loud screaming voices on the hill behind me. i look and an old lady and old man were there as she was yelling not to go in the water, it is too high, and to get away from the edge. i turned back around and he backed off - red face in tow from being called out, and as i quickly turned to leave the waters edge, i looked back around but there was no old lady nor man standing there. it was mere seconds, yet they were no where to be seen. i divorced THAT man, by the way : )
    not so good- 'waking up' screamin, although i was not yet asleep, to the gush of a growling rush of gust sweeping over my bed as a teenager.
    my mother often saw people standing at the foot of her bed in that same house. we DID NOT like that house. in another house, my first as an adult, i hear a door slam so hard, went to look , and all doors were opened. i , throughout my life, have had night terrors as they are called. i have layed in bed , awake, and have seen things floating above me , or similar. not fun! but interesting!
    other things here and there, the usual unexplained that most people encounter.
    my husband and I did go visit that huge old run down hospital in Louisville, the one TAPS visited. cannot recall the name. it is the one where TB ran rampant back in the day- where bodies where actually transported out thru a tunnel leading to the railroad. anyhow, my husband did see the shadow people at this site. it was very interesting.

    speaking of paranormal and similar- i just did a blog post on a movie, can you guess which scary movie it is? go link to my blog to view.

    and yes, we believe but prefer to use the word 'know' that other
    ' dimensions' exist. you can just feel it, on the emotional level , AND on the scientific level there is proof of time lapses and space variants. and lets not forget all of the documentation of the churches and life expereinces shown to have no other reasoning other than supernatural, or what one chooses to ' call ' it .

    Fun post!!!!- now, go see if you can guess the movie- if you like scary movies, you will probably get it right away ; } it is the second post, under the post heading 'hand flix' at the end of the post on our Us4 Cats url in siggy! the movie to 'guess' goes hand in hand with your topic!
  • Autumn&RyanAutumn&Ryan Posts: 157
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    I can't believe I forgot about this story, my dh just told me about it a couple of years ago. I guess maybe because he and I weren't together when it happened I always froget.
    He was raised in the LDS (mormon) church and when he turned 19, he was expected to go on a mission for the church. You know: the white shirt, tie, knock on your door to tell you all about Joseph Smith young men. So before one of these young boys goes on a "mission" they go through the temple, the big white building in some cities (most large metropolitian areas have one) with a gold statue on the top of the steeple (sp).
    Well his grandfather had passed away a few years before and my dh was really nervous to go through the temple. I don't know what all happens there but apparently there are some ritualistic things that you participate in, and then have to remember for life! Well, he was nervous that he wouldn't remember those things and therefore something bad would happen to him. Right before he went in, I mean immediately before he went in... he saw a white figure standing at the front door of the temple waving at him to come through the door. He swears to this day that it WAS his grandafther, no doubts whatsoever. He also says he "felt" his presence while inside of the building.
    I don't know, that is not really a ghostly encounter, more like a passed family member trying to encourage someone BUT...his grandfather was a clear as day man at the door who was there one minute, gone the next.

    I think that experience is a positive one, there are as many negative ones which are really scary! That sort of confirms the whole "good vs. evil" thing for me.
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    We had that happen where we used to live. When we first moved into the house we had these big black bags with clothes inside them and as we were setting up our bed we heard this noise. It was the heavy black bag that had moved. Another time we were at home playing dominoes and we had the radio on. It changed by itself and was turning all around alone. The spirit increased the volume so loud. When I will walk to the bathroom at night I will see these little circle of dots and my hairs will stand up. Another time I saw a shadow by the mirror in our bedroom. I was so scared to live in that house. The landlords wife had died so I think it was her spirit but I told the ghost to leave in Jesus name because it was our house now . Our son had toys that will turn on on it's own also and he will hear someone walking around and will see a black shadow as well. No more Charlette.
  • jes1014jes1014 Posts: 32
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    Loki - I just got shivers reading that!
  • faythfayth Posts: 12
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    also, upon my mothers passing, at the hospital, the doctor came in , listened for heartrate, and pronounced her as just passing, i and one other remained by her bed, and then we heard her say my name, it sounded more like it would sound hearing it down a long hallway, yet it was right there, from the hospital bathroom . i turned and something in that bathroom fell over or dropped. i turned to the other person and they nodded, eyes wide, and said yes i heard it too.

    the nights before she passed, my mother would talk to her deceased mom and call to her loudly as if she could see her and was communicating while her eyes were only half open. it felt like she as in another space or dimension speaking to her but for her i think her mom was in plain site.

    when my step mother passed her children were in the room with her. they said within seconds of her passing the clocks hands on the hospital wall above her bed began to circle out of control. they asked the nurse if there was a power outage- there wasnt.
    her house she lived in with my father- when i would visit, i heard the stereo kick on LOUD in the middle of the night. my sister came out and turned it off. i asked her about it and she said it had been doing it alot lately. weird.

    when we lived overseas when i was a child, we actually had to have the church come in and bless our house (but you have to understand over there this was the NORM, almost everyone had it done because there was alot of spiritual activity in the country) because all of our animals were passing for no reason and my older brother would see things flying around in his room at night and see lights in our garden. we had house sitters come and stay for a week while we left the country when we returned they refused to do it again as they said when they were sleeping in my parents room something was watching them and totally freaked them out. i remeber at slumber parties over there everyone had a stroy to tell, it was so weird.

    so in conclusion from both of my posts now ; } i would say the best experience was the glowing bright lite orb on my stomach- it was a very reassuring and peaceful feeling when i would look at that picture. and the worst experience was the loud air gust of that figure over head while i was in bed as a teen. it sounded and felt like a monster. yuck! that same house- as i mentioned my mom saw pepole standing atthe foot of her bed, tall people with long hair. i discovered a secret little hideaway in their closet down low behind the clothes. i dont know why i was even in there snooping. the wall has been opened into a small opening and in there were drawing on the wall. it was only a few feet high- like it was a childs secret area or something but it felt weird when i looked in there. my mom had seen it and could not figure it out either, did not know who the previous owners were as this house was real old, it used to be part of the underground railroad for slaves.


    to leave this on a lighter happier note- sometimes something happens and i smile- i know it is my mom. i was driving home one day, doing alot of deep thinking, searching my mind for sentences, thinking about our future adoption- when i turned on the radio and the song playing was one of her favorites, with many many positive messages within it. as it played hundreds of yellow , her fav. color, butterflies swarmed in front of my car and fluttered in front as i drove. hundreds. like they were dancing to the music. i had never seen anything like it. as the song faded and i approached my house the butterflies flew off. i smiled. i knew.
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    Let's just say we have had a few experiences in the apartment we live in now. The twins have also mentioned hearing someone close the kitchen drawers in the middle of the night when they were sleeping on the couch in the living room. We have had other experiences here also...we have aactually enquired at the leasing office to see if someone died in our apartment but no one has. We now believe it is either bree's grandma or mine. The one experience was so scary yet life saving n we believe it is a guardian angel/ grandma
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    I am a firm believer in the other worlds, and communication between ourselves and spirits. Actually, this is a course Tim is taking right now, spirit communication, and we have both been documenting occurances around our own home for the last week or so... not going to say anythign else right now, but when vthe assignment is over I will copy and paste the results here. Basically, we have a spirit in our home who feels like "Grandma". Also, my now nine year old neice, M, has "talked to her friends" since she was tiny (like, even as a babe would bablle to "nothing") and was even aware of a friends passing and told her Mom "She said she's ok, and the other lady is too"... no one had told M that their friend had passed in a car accident earlier that day, and it had not been released on the news yet that someone else had passed in the same crash.

    So yeah, I love this sort of thing. My favorite show is Supernatural. My idol is John Edward. Kinda seems to go hand in hand with our slightly off the wall ways of worship!

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  • TheMysticalOneTheMysticalOne Posts: 849 ✭✭
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    Oh wow. I can't believe how many of you have had such odd experiences in your houses! I'm definately a believer. When I lived out in the country as a child, our old house was haunted. We'd hear footsteps and the water would run at night. Once my mom "swore" she felt a cold hand grab her leg when she was making the bed once. When I was little I remember hearing someone call my name. And one morning all the cabinets in the kitchen were wide open. And my mom and dad both thought they heard adults talking at night from our living room. Talk about freaky!!

    I've watched some of the ghost shows on TV, but I believe more from my own experiences and from other people's than I do from the shows. I can't help but think that sometimes they exaderate on the shows just for entertainment. I find it difficult to believe that every single place they go they find something. It just seems a little odd to me.

    So yes I do believe and I've read several Sylvia Browne books and have found them enlightening. It's so interesting to think there's a completely different dimension out there of spirits and their own world. If you've never read her books, I would suggest picking one up. They're easy to read and so interesting!
  • BabyBugsArrivalBabyBugsArrival Posts: 523
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    omg fayth, that is so cool about the butterflies. the same thing happened to my DP. Her cousin, whom she was really close to, was killed in a car accident about 5 years ago. She and her uncle have a really hard time with it and when it gets rough, she goes and sits in his truck to feel close to him. She and her uncle got in his truck one day and drove into a pasture on his farm. They were sitting in the quiet, just talking about craig, when a swarm of yellow butterflies passed over the front of the truck. Neat! I had a similar experience. My aunt and I were very close and she passed of cancer a couple of years ago. On her bday, the first year after she passed, i was feeling very sad and took the day off from work to go to the cemetery to feel close to her. I was sitting on the ground, so overcome with tears and sadness, when I heard a squeeking sound nearby. I looked around and there was a hummingbird hovering close to me. It was amazing. My tears dried up and I got the biggest smile on my face. That was one of her "things"...she loved hummingbirds and flowers and that was actually one of the last gifts I gave her....a pretty wooden hummingbird feeder to hang outside her window. It was the coolest feeling. It warms my heart to know that our loved ones can communicate with us if we listen close enough. And I know this thread is totally off topic, but I couldn't help but sharing my stories. Now, as i head off to my IUI, I'm reminded of how close our angels are to us. It's a wonderful feeling!
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    I definitely believe in the spirit world. My first experience was when I was 9 and my aunt passed away. A few weeks after her passing I woke up suddenly and she was there. I was not scared and she told me she was ok. My g'ma had a hard time dealing with her daughter being gone and one day a lady came into my g'mas work to tell her that my aunt asked her to come tell her she was ok, she needed to go on and not be sad. This lady did not know my g'ma. According to the lady my aunt would not leave her alone until she told my g'ma.

    When my son was 4 he explained to me about spirits. I have always been a believer and for him to start telling me while I was driving down the road, I almost pulled over. I just let him explain to me what he knew and didn't ask questions. He told me about the whole life process of being like a cloud (which I think for him at his age was how to explain a spirit) and you have no arms or legs just are a cloud, then you are born and have a body and when you die you become a cloud again.

    A couple weeks ago in the middle of the night my mom was woke up from a few different things throughout the night, cat walking across her, clay pot thrown across room and broke against wall, things from different rooms on her floor. I think that was the most in any one day, usually just something here and there. She thinks something/one was trying to tell her something that day.

    We have many other experiences in which I could write a book about.

    John Edwards is my favorite.
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    John Edwards, Sylvia Brown and a couple of others, I can't help but feel "something" when I watch them do their predicitons. They just feel somehow "different"...I don't really know how to explain it though.
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