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another clomid vs femara question

hope313hope313 Posts: 38
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
I am worried about thin lining as I have had two scant periods with clomid... light flow, barely two days. If I switch to femara, do I have to start low dose and work up again to the one that make me ovulate, like I did with clomid?


  • NikkiDanaNikkiDana Posts: 260
    edited November -1
    I'm not sure. I was only ever on 50mg of Clomid and I ovulated fine on that, but when my Doc switched me to Femara because of the Clomid side effects (thin lining, etc.) he put me right on the mid-level dose of Femara (5mg). Femara had NO side effects, which was lovely!
  • TrishlettesTrishlettes Posts: 674
    edited November -1
    I think it depends on your doc if they want to start low and go slow or just start you on a mid-high dose. I was switched to Femara from Clomid b/c of thin lining and I was already on baby asprin. I ovulate on my own anyway so it was to make more follicles. I did one cycle on 2.5mg then one cycle on 5mg (tubal pregnancy). I will be doing Femara again the end of March hopefully. I think there was someone on here that was up to 7.5 mg of Femara. If you do end up on it make sure to download the coupon from Femara. 10 bucks! Stuff is rediculously expensive otherwise.
  • hope313hope313 Posts: 38
    edited November -1
    I want to switch, especially bc of the coupon...but I am impatient and don't want to start over low and work my way up. (I know, I know, patience is a virtue). I don't ovulate on my own and 100 mg of clomid works...
  • LovingMomsLovingMoms Posts: 1,078
    edited November -1
    Hope - I completely understand where you are coming from. I don't ovulte on my own either and I am on 150mg of Clomid. On March 4th I go to an RE and I am curious to see what is going to happen with my meds.

    Fingers crossed for everyone and here is to our fast BFP's
    July 2011 BFP, miscarried at 5 weeks.
  • minnie0672minnie0672 Posts: 1,264
    edited November -1
    I'm switching to Femera next month if this month didn't work. I was on Clomid this month and for the first time, it worked. So I'm interested to see what happens next month.
    6 IUI's resulting in BFN. 7th IUI was the fun one with pregnant...then not...then ectopic at 7 weeks...IVF #1 - miscarriage...IVF #2 miscarriage 5w6d...IVF #3 cancelled due to not growing embryos and pneumonia...IVF# 4 same old story...BFP then miscarriage...this is getting old...onto possibly Donor Egg or Donor Embryo
  • hope313hope313 Posts: 38
    edited November -1
    10mg?? I have never heard of a dose that high...? Did you ovulate?
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
    edited November -1
    Both gave me thin lining. I did follistim injections only this cycle and my lining was the thickest it has ever been and I got a BFP.
    But then my age might have something to do with it too.
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