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OT: Anyone interested in a season of The L Word? (x-posted)

HeatherAndRaeHeatherAndRae Posts: 1,041
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Back when The L Word (on HBO) first ended, I wanted all the seasons so badly. I could only find one season at one store here and thought I would go ahead and buy it and then just slowly buy the remainder of the seasons as I had money. I never had the money.

However, now things are not so tight so I CAN buy them. It is actually cheaper for me to buy the entire box set than to buy each individual season that I don't have. I am debating on doing this ...

Would anyone be interested in buying the Complete FIFTH season of The L Word on DVD? I'd take the offer closest to $20 (plus $3 for shipping - Priority Mail).

If you'd be interested, PM me or send me an email off forum at:

SDSteelerGirl @ hotmail
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