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What would you do?

preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
edited March 2012 in Trying to Conceive
Ok... Now that I FINALLY got my period today, 3/16, after 41 days... I could really use some opinions from you great, and knowledgeable, ladies.

My cycles are usually from 27-31 days (except this last one which was 41).

I am 39 yrs old as of December and this will be my first attempt.

I will be using clomid, b/c I am not sure I ovulated this past month (and maybe why my cycle was so long). Last month was VERY stressful.


If you were me, what day would you start clomid?
Would you push for 50mg or 100 mg per day?

When would you first test for LH surge?

Do you think my cycle will be back to shorter timeframe b/c of clomid?

How close after positive opk would you insem. (39 yrs old). I will be using one vial.

Arggg... so many details to consider.
I know I am asking a lot of questions.... I would greatly appreciate an answer on any or all..
Thanks everyone.
I hope all the recent BFP's are contagious!
........................... :) Trying again soon :)..................................


  • JayJayJayJay Posts: 1,192
    edited November -1
    I don't know anything about Clomid, so I will be no help there, I'm afraid. As for the others....

    Because your last cycle was so wonky, I would definitely start testing sooner rather than later, just to cover your bases and avoid the stress of wondering if you missed it. If I were you I would start testing a week from now at the very latest. Target has twat strips you can buy that aren't too expensive. I think they are like $15 for 20 strips.

    At 39 you probably ovulate fairly close to your LH surge, however of course we are all different. Have you been checking your CM and cervical position? When you really want to insem is when you have the most CM and your cervix feels wide open. If you check every day you can feel it opening. But if you haven't been checking that you won't know what is normal for you. As a guess, without knowing what your body does, for a 39 year pms I would probably say to insem around 12 hours after +opk, maybe 18. But it would be really best to go by your bodys signs. Good luck!
  • graceinflgraceinfl Posts: 1,743
    edited November -1
    First, I am sorry your cycle was so long. That can make things very frustrating.

    Second, are you getting a script from your doctor or an RE? I would make sure to have CD3 labwork done and that will give the doctor an idea of what strength you need, if you need it at all. Clomid won't do much good if there are underlying reasons. I am 41 and took 50mg this cycle. You can't test until 3 days after last dose as it may give you a false positive.

    Good luck! When are you seeing the doctor? I also strongly recommend your checking CP so you can get an idea of the shifts.
  • preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
    edited March 2012
    Thanks for your answers so far. I do check my Cerv position and cerv mucus... Last month I never really got ewcm.... a little watery at one point. I can definitely tell when cervix is low vs. medium vs. high.... I THINK? I can tell when cervix is open or not? I don;t use a speculum, so it is just by feel...not 100% on this part though.

    I think I normally ovulate pretty close to positive opk...according to previous cycles...

    Oh... I have also been temping for 1 1/2 months so far...and input my info into fertility friend.... seems like I do get a temp dip before I get a positive opk too...

    QUESTION.... how do you import your fert friend chart on here?
    ........................... :) Trying again soon :)..................................
  • LucyGooseyLucyGoosey Posts: 320
    edited November -1
    I just wanted to second grace's comment about clomid not necessary working well if you don't know why you might need it. And if you aren't working with a physician then it can be dangerous, like put you in the hospital and risk your fertility.

    If you are working with a physician they will decide on the dosage. If not and you decide to risk then I would encourage to start with the lowest dosage.
  • teacherin200829teacherin200829 Posts: 324
    edited November -1
    Precious- my cycles were all 31-33 then this month 27... I am so frustrated with crazy cycle this close to TTC! I don't know anything about clomid, but I know that I need to test early because I almost missed it twice! I am starting OPK'S this cycle on cd9. I totally understand your frustration. I temp every day for last 4 months but it's not always the best backup information. I would say cm and cervical position plus temp and OPK is good...bound to find a pattern there!
    Me (36) married to S (31)
    Try #1-3 at home, 3-6 IUI with Clomid, 7 IVF- BFP, mc 12/12, FET 3/12 - BFN, IVF #2 4/13 - BFP TWINS! Born 12/30/1413!
  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
    edited March 2012
    First I would use this first AI cycle as a learning experience. So, don't get frustrated and give up. You are not near as old as I am but the older we are the sooner you may ovulate so I would spend a bit more on OPKs...I like to use the Answer strips to start with. What I like about them is you can see a second line developing and see it darkening. Start early...maybe the day after AF stops...just to see it working. Then as the second line starts darkening I like to start using the Clearblue Easy smileys...If I were you I would have your swimmers there by day 10, check that tank when it comes but close it up tight and leave it. It is yours for a week but if you have to pay a few extra dollars to keep it longer go ahead. Those swimmers will stay frozen. Be sure to carefully monitar your cervical fluid a couple times a day starting too from the day after AF ends. Even more if you see it is getting clear and thin and watch for it getting egg white and stretchy. Check the best you can your cervix. It should be getting higher and if you can use a speculum, mirror and flashlight great...I am not stretchy enough but you could do like me and feel if it seems to be a little open...keep checking and recording. Make notes on the sides of your charts or a notebook about aches, pains, emotional feelings ect. You may find a pattern that will help you know when you are ovulating...I guess I wouldn't jump to Clomid this first time. I think it would be good to see how your body handles your cycle without it because believe me Clomid will change things for you. It might lengthen or shorten your cycle. You may have different physical signs because of it. Also your dr. might not want you to jump into fertility drugs if you haven't even tried to AI to see if you need it.You may have a rough ride this first time since your cycle ran so late last time but hang in there...Sorry the post was so long.
  • preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
    edited November -1
    Old mama... thanks for your post... I am taking clomid b/c I don't think I ovulated last month and that is why my cycle was so long. I also temp and according to fertility friend... no definite ovulation detected.. possible O between days 17 to 20. .. So, I just can't see wasting money on the swimmers and shipping (I don't use NW...and one vial of my swimmers is $500 plus $200 for shipping). So, I figure, if it seems I am not ovulating... there is no point in trying to insem. .. so that is why I am going with clomid the first try. I did have swimmers shipped to me in Feb. but missed my timing and sent them back. Their tanks don't last as long as NW tanks unfortunately...And, my donor is now sold out (has some in quarintine, waiting on his next round of tests)..... So, I couldn't even buy more if I wanted to.... So, I am just trying to give myself the best possible shot, under less than ideal circumstances...
    Thanks for your answer.... and everyone elses' too.
    ........................... :) Trying again soon :)..................................
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