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false positives with clearblue smiley?*UPDATE on 3/31 post*

preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
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Hi. Has anyone gotten a false positive with clearblue smiley opks?

This is what I have over the past few days.

I am really confused....

CD 12 tests with dollar tree opks 5 minute test says 15% positive, 10 minute test says 0% positive (hadn't bought smileys yet so not sure if I would have gotten one this day)

CD 13 got a Smiley at 12:25 am and 1pm

CD 14 1:15pm tested- (no Smiley)
11:59pm tested (no Smiley)
11:59pm tested with Dollar tree 5 minute lined test (35% positive)

CD 15 9 am EWCM on toilet paper....
1:15 pm tested GOT A SMILEY

Also, I still did not get a temperature increase this morning that would indicate that I ovulated.... So, maybe I didn't ovulate yet? But as of 9am this morning, it is about 57 hours after my first smiley....

Why would I have smileys on Cd 13, no smileys CD 14, and now a smiley again on CD 15
Any ideas...?
I did take clomid for first time ever this cd 5-9.

Could smiley on CD 13 be a false positive (I thought smileys were not supposed to give false positives with clomid- says so on insert)...

I am so confused.
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  • mommylovemommylove Posts: 1,582
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    Only the first smiley counts...there is no sense in testing after that. I only EVER used CB smileys and NEVER had a false positive. We got our BFP's (all 3 of them - 2 miscarriages) always timing insems 24hrs past smiley (first and only smiley, since I never tested again after I got it).
    Some people do not have EWCM in conjunction with O...some have it before, during, or even after. You could be getting the second smiley on CD15 because of course you still have the LH hormones in your system if it was close to or just after O. Regardless, the first one is the one that counts and the one I would time any insems based on.
    Are you being monitored on your clomid cycle? If so, they should be able to confirm O for you.
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  • graceinflgraceinfl Posts: 1,743
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    You actually won't see a temp increase until AFTER O happens. Don't sweat it yet!
  • single31single31 Posts: 95
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    well I always start testing with smileys on cd 11, (and since I buy them every 6 weeks I always have at least 2 of the digital readers) and when i tested on cd 13 i got a smiley, which was strange since I almost always get it on day 14 or 15, and I had no other signs, since I never throw out the sample until the reading comes up, I used another strip in a different reader with the same sample and that time I got a neg. I guess we are bound to get a faulty one every now and then.
  • preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
    edited November -1
    So, Single31, you think the clear blue easy READER was bad??? oh my gosh... I just don't know what to think about these opks... they are driving me crazy!

    grace... yes, I know that the temp increases the day after o.... so, I guess I haven't O'd yet... and that makes me feel like crap b/c that means I could have actually had my swimmers sent here.. (I cancelled them b/c I thought with my positive smiley on 3/28 at 12:25am, I wouldn't get them in time to insem...) but, still no temp increase

    I NEED A CRYSTAL BALL .. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaseeee~!
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  • single31single31 Posts: 95
    edited November -1
    I think it was the the test strip itself that was bad, but I know how you feel, the constant thoughts was the timing right, did I do the insem correctly, did they live long enough, did I even ovulate this month, we all have the same worries but everyone here is very supportive, the best advice they have given me was to try and relax, and as hard as that seems I really do think it helps. Ok....I say that now, but I'm only 1 dpi by this time next week I'll be nuts!!! So vent as needed, were all here.
  • preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
    edited March 2012

    Thanks for your answers so far...

    This cycle is so weird for me.

    Even though I got a smiley on cd 13 my temp is still not spiked. I am now on cd 16.

    Temps have been cd10 97.2, cd 11 97.2, cd 12 97.2, cd 13 96.9, cd 14 97.0, cd 15 96.9, cd 16 (today) 97.1....

    Does that mean I didn't (and won't) ovulate?

    I took clomid 50 mg cd5-9 this cyle (first clomid cycle ever).
    I was planning on taking it next month...do you think I should take it different start day? should it be higher mg, like 100mg? (my doctor is not very helpful with this, so figured I'd ask the experts on here :) )

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  • LucyGooseyLucyGoosey Posts: 320
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    I have gotten positive smiley's and not ovulated. I hesitate to say it was a false positive because OPKs only measure if you've got a certain amount of the LH hormone in your urine. And it's highly probable that I was gearing up to ovulate, but I just didn't. So it wasn't the test was wrong it was that my body was playing mixed signals. For most people they work fine. But, for me they didn't work for the three cycles I did at home. But, everyone is different.
  • xyzthatsmexyzthatsme Posts: 64
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    My re explained it this way. In some women you get your FSH late in your cycle. That is what tells your ovaries to start maturing your follicles. If this happens late in your cycle your follicles are typically immature or not measuring large enough to hatch when the LH hormone is excreted. The LH is what the OPKs are testing for. So your body has the LH surge but your follicles are immature and are cannot be hatched yet. By the time they have gotten large enough to ovulate there is no LH surge to tell them to come out. They shrivel and are reabsorbed by the body. I hope this makes since.
  • tiffspradtiffsprad Posts: 557
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    Xyz that's some good info.to know. Thanks.
  • preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
    edited November -1
    xyz... wow.. that is a really good explanation..

    But, to Update again.... I did get a temp spike... and according to fertility friend... I DID OVULATE !!!!! YAYYYY!!!! It said I ovulated on cd 15... I will post more in another topic to explain a little better.
    ........................... :) Trying again soon :)..................................
  • tellytelly Posts: 625
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    1. I have heard some women who have pcos get on and off pos opk's throughout their cycle. 2. I have heard that sometimes you may ge a surge because your body gears up to O but doesnt O so a few days later the body will try again. And 3. Go with the first pos because you may have a long surge and the two inbetween that was negative, you urine probably was too diluted to pick up on the tests at the time. Sorry if i wasnt much help.
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