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Options there something....?

Jccwill3Jccwill3 Posts: 687
edited March 2012 in Trying to Conceive
Okay, so I've been reading on the boards a lot about people saying they see their lines darkening etc. Well, I've been using wondfos and CBE smileys. About 2 nights ago I got a really dark line but it as much as I wanted it to be darker thsn the control line....almost just oddest count.

I asked my dad and aunt. My daddy, He was like "Thats not the same color. You need glasses."

Ok,If an 83 yo man can see that they aren't the Same I think we might call that one on a count of

But seriously are the wondofos like the answers.... I know there are like 3 versions of negative they show on the package. I've gotten every single one of them. But is ther a degree of darknessni should be looking for? Is it....the darker the better? So confusing but strangely...not stressful. Thank goodness. I must have a lot of prayer warriors on my side :D

So no smiley and varying darkness on the wondfos. What should I be looking for exactly? Should I be able to tell of I'm close? Only a few CBEs left. Eh.

Or should they call them WTFs.... Because I'm so confused right now. That what I'm thinking. Help!


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    TheMysticalOneTheMysticalOne Posts: 850 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    I tried using the cheaper brand OPK's--the ones with just the lines and my lines NEVER got dark enough to show a positive OPK, even when I knew I was ovulating. I'm starting to think that maybe I don't produce a lot of hormones or something and that could be why my +preg test took so long to get! I don't know...

    The cheaper tests never worked for me. I tried them (I had a package of 50 from amazon), but they never worked. Only the smileys have worked for me. And it's weird because if I were to take the smiley out to look at the lines the lines were never very dark, either. So I just stuck with the smiley's and I've always ovulated within 24 hours of getting one.
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    BooAnn2011BooAnn2011 Posts: 894
    edited November -1
    Make sure you're holding your Heine for 4 hours and don't drink a lot so it's not diluted. I have found opks don't work for me. I would get a fade in but no positive until AFTER I O'd! Rely mostly on your body signs and back it up with opks. Remember opks don't work for everyone ;).

    Good luck! You got this!!! Sticky baby dust!! :)
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