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Blood?! Home IUI. Help?

Jccwill3Jccwill3 Posts: 687
edited April 2012 in Trying to Conceive
Okay, at around 330am (31 hrs past +opk) so I performed my second insemination (IUI) much like th first. I did it like it was an ICI. Went smoothly as expected.

Used the syringe with preseed and put the instead cup in with then Oed with hips elevated. Left the instead cup in for only6 hours this time.

I didn't feel the syringe poke me...and I definitely wasn't trying to do an IUI for fear of poking my cervix.

When I woke up and took out the cup and it was covered in about about a 1/2 tablespoon of blood.
Im Feeling crampy and tired this morning but that's usual for O day.... Actually, the cramps aren't as bad as reg O cramps. I'm thinking this is normal...but who knows what normal is?! Help.

I put on a panty liner and there (tmi) is only some spotting now. And some lower back pain. Other than that, I feel better that yesterday before the insem. I hope this is a good sign. :/

Help, need you guys advice.


  • cassafrascassafras Posts: 219
    edited November -1
    My guess is that you scraped yourself with the syringe. There are a lot of blood vessels in there that are close to the surface and it doesn't take much to make one bleed if you hit the right (or wrong) spot. I had some bleeding from the speculum once, and I know it can be scary. If you really think that it is coming out of your cervix, you could try pinching some CM directly off of your cervix and see if there is fresh blood on it. But since the bleeding is stopping I am betting that you'll be fine:)
  • single31single31 Posts: 95
    edited November -1
    Well i have not had that happen to me personally, but when doing all my research I read about a woman that had some bleeding after an at home ICI, turned out she had a small polyp that she knicked with the cathater. Thats the only time I've heard about it. If it won't stop, or if your still nervous about it maybe your GYN could check it out. Best of luck to you.
  • KtKt Posts: 87
    edited April 2012
    I bled one of the times that I had an insemination too. I would agree that it's probably just a scrap. Good luck on that TWW.
  • Jccwill3Jccwill3 Posts: 687
    edited November -1
  • JayJayJayJay Posts: 1,192
    edited November -1
    I agree....you probably just mocked your cervix. I wouldn't worry about it too much especially if its getting better. I'm sure you're fine!
  • tellytelly Posts: 625
    edited November -1
    i bled at my first dr assisted iui. Agree that maybe you scraped something. Its not uncommon.

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