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Timing... tonight? tomorrow??? ICI

redsoxgalredsoxgal Posts: 10
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
Hello I am new to the site (posting anyway). I would appreciate any feedback. So I have a tank here at home and am wondering if I should do ICI tonight or wait till tomorrow. This month I was expecting ovulation on CD 16 - this thursday, based upon my signs and the ovuacue monitor.

I am 38 years old and have tried twice so far with ICI. I have fairly regular cycles (27-29 days for the last few months) and I track my BBT - it's pretty up and down but with a trend to rise after ovulation (e.g., follicular 96.6-97.7, luteal 97.2-98) but the rise can be .2 degrees each day. I am also using the ovacue monitor (my 2nd month) and my vaginal readings just rose -supposedly indicating ovulation... but they could dip again and then rise even further... Today my BBT was it's lowest of the month, and my ovacue vaginal reading just started to rise from it's lowest point.

I also generally have 4-5 days of egg white cervical mucus and today is only my third day of EWCM.

As I am sure most of you can relate - timing is a big source of stress. On the one hand I know the frozen sperm doesnt' live as long in our bodies as fresh - on the other, it's better to be a bit early than a bit late, esp for us older gals...(at least from what I have read)

so reading this post... would you inseminate tonight... or hold off till tomorrow? My inclination is to wait till tomorrow, based primarily on the EWCM, but I don't want to miss my window. I only have one vial (this month anyway)

Anyway I know this isn't a lot of time for anyone to respond - and I am planning to have my partner view my cervix to also use that as a judge... but hey figured this would be a good way to intro myself to the board too. thanks for reading.


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    1baby1day1baby1day Posts: 520
    edited November -1
    I say go tomorrow, but if your os is open then go ahead and do it tonight. Now remember, the os may be open tomorrow morning too if it's open tonight. Either way, go with your gut it's always the best way to go. You will know when it's right.
    My baby, Stella ~ My nephew Alex and I (Denise) at Thanksgiving 2010
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    redsoxgalredsoxgal Posts: 10
    edited November -1
    thank you! we just took another peek at the cervix, its a bit more open (promising.. that we didn't miss it) but still not totally open... so we are going to take another peek in the morning and see...
    thanks again!
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    stash7210stash7210 Posts: 998
    edited November -1
    Great idea. If it isn't fully open I would wait. Are you using OPKs? Have they been + yet?
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    redsoxgalredsoxgal Posts: 10
    edited November -1
    I decided to wait till tonight. woke up this AM and still had lots of EWCM. I am using OPKs but this is my first month doing so - I have not yet gotten a positive. I hear some people never get positives? I did one OPK this morning but I will do another one this afternoon... either way... we're going to do the ICI tonight.
    thanks again - this is so stressful. some other fertility websites I read - not so helpful - they say "oh just BD (babydance) every day... " not quite an option for us:)
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