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My Paranoia - Your Opinion

TheMysticalOneTheMysticalOne Posts: 850 ✭✭
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Okay guys, I'm 6 weeks and 2 days and I have a problem. It's called Paranoia!! I am so paranoid that something's going to happen. It's practically stressing me out!! My first dr appointment is on Tuesday (17th). That's when they'll do the sonogram and blood work. The exam will be the following day.

I've just been so worried that something's wrong. I'm so worried and I can't relax. How weird is it for symptoms to come and go? I had pretty bad breast tenderness for like 4 days or so and now it's almost completely gone. Had some weird CM today, too. It's not blood, but it's like yellower than usual. I'm not sure what to think. I haven't had any cramps or anything. No morning sickness yet. I've told my mom and she says to stop worrying but I can't help it!!

Please calm me down. Thanks in advance!


  • Beth81392Beth81392 Posts: 486
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    I was paranoid for 38 weeks and 6 days with William, same with Abigail . I think it is part of bieng a mom because I am still nervous about things going wrong.

    The thicker CM is from a mucus plug forming. Is it snot like? Breast tenderness could be anything. Good Luck! Your appt is on William's 7 month birthday.

    Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love these kids
  • chandraandamandachandraandamanda Posts: 676
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    I, too, was paranoid my whole pregnancy... and still am :rolleyes:
    Amanda and Chandra
  • mommylovemommylove Posts: 1,582
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    I never had morning sickness. I had sore boobs during the last part of the TWW and then that pretty much went away. The only symptom I had was exhaustion...I could have slept ALL day during the first trimester.
    Try to stay calm and think positive, remember your body is now your baby's home and whatever you feel, good or bad, he/she experiences. Stress is not good for either of you.
    Hang in there! That first appointment will come soon enough...
    October 2014


  • SquizzoSquizzo Posts: 445
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    The paranoia won't stop here!

    Just hang in there... So exciting!

  • KatydidKatydid Posts: 515 ✭✭
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    I am right there with you with the paranoia. I also had sore boobs and exhaustion until last week, and then it went away until yesterday. I was actually excited because I felt nauseous on and of all day, and then I fell asleep while I was rocking my foster baby to sleep. This is much more stressful than the TWW!
    I hope your fears are relieved soon:-)
  • peppyjdpeppyjd Posts: 114
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    I am there with you as well. I keep telling myself nothing is going on so no worries. Or worrying is just a waste of time until you have a problem. But every time I go pee and wipe, I pray there is no blood!
    Its hard not to worry or stress, but try to find things to take it off your mind, I go to the bump or cotton babies and try to figure out the whole cloth diapering thing LOL that will take your mind off it for a while :) Planning the future with a child :D
    DP to 2moms2be
  • 2moms2be2moms2be Posts: 226
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    LOL that Last post was actually from me, I forgot I was on dp's laptop and she was logged in :lol:
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  • palegreenpalegreen Posts: 1,478
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    I was a nervous wreck also! I didn't really have any morning sickness, I had cramping that came and went, but my boobs were sore (sore is an understatement) the entire time. I'm willing to bet that if you had all the symptoms full force, you'd still be paranoid. Such an exciting and scary time. Do try to relax as much as possible (I know, easier said than done). I like the suggestion of doing research! There are a zillion baby related things that you could be researching right now to distract yourself: car seats, cribs/nursery furniture, crib mattresses, strollers, room decor, hospitals/birthing centers, maternity clothes, bottles, breast pumps...(to name a few)
  • GoobieGoobie Posts: 3,515
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    I checked the toilet paper every time I peed for, ohhhh, my whole pregnancy!

    Paranoia is normal. And it won't end when babe is born, it'll just change... it's parenting in training!

    Oh, and with all three of my pregnancies I had symptoms that would come and go, mother nature lieks to mess with us sometimes.

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  • muripherousmuripherous Posts: 264
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    Get used to the worrying! I remember very vividly the time between getting a BFP and waiting for that first appointment.

    I never really had any pregnancy symptoms in my first trimester. And I spent the entire nine months completely paranoid that something was or would go wrong. I think what you're feeling is perfectly normal.

    As a previous poster said, this is just practice for motherhood. Finn is five months old now and I still worry non-stop.
    Congratulations on your BFP!
  • LKLK Posts: 711
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    My kids are 20 and 3 and I'm still a paranoid mess!
  • Ms.KateMs.Kate Posts: 1,216
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    I think I posted this exact post around 5 weeks. :) I understand.
    As I'm approaching 16 weeks, the fear of losing the baby has waned and been replaced by new fears about mothering.
    I *think* it's part of becoming a mother, so welcome!
    But, to assuage you, yes it is very normal for symptoms to come and go. I know that you would feel comforted to have M/S, but trust me, be thankful that you don't and hopeful that you won't. It sucks. Breast tenderness also came and went for me.
    Your hormones are increasing at a rapid pace which does all sorts of strange things to your body, and it does happen in an ebb and flow sort of way. My CM has been different since the TWW. Changes in that are normal. In a few more weeks it will become a whitish discharge called leukorreha (sp) that is very normal; you may need a panty liner be forewarned. :) You will feel much better after the sonogram I'm sure. But don't worry, you're not alone in having those fears and worries. Just try your best to stay calm and trust your body. It knows what to do.
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Posts: 2,040
    edited November -1
    You are definitely not alone in the paranoia department! And, yes - I know, it's hard not to worry, but as everyone else has said, symptoms do come and go! It's totally normal to feel something one moment and then not feel it the next.

    I do want to say that with my last pregnancy, I worried constantly - I made myself sick with worrying. Unfortunately, even though I did everything right, everything still went wrong. No amount of worrying changed anything. Everyone thought I would be even worse this time around, but honestly I've been sooo much better this time. I definitely still worry, but I don't let it rule my life. I realized that I never really even "enjoyed" my pregnancy last time. I didn't want that to happen this time. I know that my baby will be who/what God has already determined and I can't really change that.

    I am doing my best to enjoy every moment with this baby... I've determined to worry less and enjoy more. I still worry, but I don't ever want to look back and realized I missed out on all the great times in the moment, because I was so busy worrying about the future. I hope to remember this throughout my children's lives also... a healthy amount of worry is normal and good, but don't let it rule your life and ruin your joy!
    After 9 yrs & 1 devastating loss, we got our BFP at 9DPO ~ and welcomed our beautiful son on Halloween! Best treat ever!!

  • charcoaleyescharcoaleyes Posts: 864
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    Goobie -- I did that too. I always checked the tp.

    I was paranoid a lot. I was convinced I was going to do something wrong. I had gestational diabetes and I had one blood sugar that spiked high when I was 35 weeks. I cried the entire drive home (30 mins) convinced I had hurt my baby.
  • TheMysticalOneTheMysticalOne Posts: 850 ✭✭
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    Thank you guys for the support. Sometimes I just need to hear that "it's okay" from someone who is in the same boat as me, I'm sure you know what I mean!! I had an interesting trip to the hospital today that I'll go into in another post. Everything's okay though!
  • wishing2bmomwishing2bmom Posts: 301
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    I just want you to know you are not alone. Seriously. I swear I'm more paranoid then you haha! Since I got pregnant through IVF I have been lucky enough to have had many appts. so far but every time I go I tell myself if this appt. goes okay I'm not going to worry anymore and enjoy myself.....that never happens.

    When I got the first pos. HPT I didn't believe it. Then it was the betas that drove me crazy, waiting every 3 days to make sure they went up (and they doubled every 3 days not 2 so I was even more worried), then I freaked myself out with the blighted ovum thing and said well as long as they find everything they are supposed to at my first ultrasound I'll be okay. Well 5wk3days perfect ultrasound, right on target, saw everything even got the heartbeat...was I Then it was making sure baby was growing on track at the next appt. 6wks5days another perfect ultrasound....still nervous. Had my last ultrasound Monday at 7wks5days and again, it was textbook, photo even looked like a baby, and of course, still paranoid lol.

    I am 8 weeks today and have my final appt. at the fertility clinic tomorrow. I am half tempted to beg him not to release me but I know I have to just relax haha. I keep forgetting that just because we went through different measure to get pregnant, ie. ivf, iui, home insem, whatever, doesn't make our pregnancys any different.

    Try to enjoy and I am going to try to get over my anxieties as well so I can enjoy it! Also hope everything was okay today at the hospital.
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  • babymakes3babymakes3 Posts: 433 ✭✭
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    Seriously welcome to motherhood. I am still paranoid about stuff
  • KariKari Posts: 1,765
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    Let's just say that I checked the toilet paper for blood every time I used the toilet for 37.5 weeks with Justin and 39 weeks with Juliet. Then, after they're born, there's a whole new set of worries!
  • ZenZen Posts: 2,942
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    I don't think you ever stop being paranoid but for me at least, the fear factor went down a little at the start of the 2nd trimester. And then once I passed the viability point at 27 weeks I felt much better too. At 32 weeks I pretty much felt home free. The worry didn't stop ... I just obsessed over other things. Instead of panicking in the bathroom, I'd stress over baby's movements or lack thereof.

    It gets better -- it just doesn't go away!
  • LbakerLbaker Posts: 234
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    I am so paranoid, and I'm not even the one carrying! We just found out, and I think I don't believe it is real yet. Maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet. Who knows. I will probably be a crazy paranoid wife the whole time. Can't imagine how DW feels!
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