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Another Child?

akmomsakmoms Posts: 6
edited May 2012 in Our Train of Hope
About six years ago, when we were still in Alaska we ordered our swimmers, did IUI at home and got our BFP! DP gave birth to our beautiful son February 2007. (4th try)
FYI, no meds, no doctor, just us in our own home that fourth try. We tracked her cycle with bbt.

I am cd 11 and usually have A 30 - 31 day cycle. Recently had an u/s for left ovarian pain but everything looked normal. I have had some mid month spotting over the last six months, not sure what that is. OB says go for it!

So peeing on a stick waiting for positive opk (I don't know all the abbreviations!). I am 37 years old, have a 5 year old son, and hoping for sibling, same donor.

Had to get the swimmers ordered and delivered yesterday so they could go camping with us! But alas, peed on a stick in an outhouse or in the woods for three days and no positive opk! Dropped swimmers off at sisters house for safe keeping over the weekend since it was very close to camp. Got home Monday, it is now Wednesday and got out positive oPk around 11:45am this morning!

Finally! I was afraid I might be broken. It is cycle day 17. Performed 1st IUI in pur own bedroom at about 6:45pm. Peed on a stick 6am, 11:45am and 5:00pm. 5pm was negative so we didn't wait the12 hours after positive opk like we thought we would. Had plenty of stretchy cm and lay for about 30 min with hips elevated. just keep swimming.....
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