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Extended Profiles

Joette22Joette22 Posts: 1
edited November -1 in NW Cryobank Happenings
I'm sure it has been covered somewhere, but what do the extended profiles cover? What mostly is on them? Just wondering. If it says somewhere on the website and I am missing it, just let me know please. Thanks.


  • jekla105jekla105 Posts: 5
    edited November -1
    We are wondering the same thing. We had Quadruplets recently and they were born very premature and the dr's are asking for family history. Wondering if the extended profile will help any at all.
  • DooniezmomDooniezmom Posts: 77
    edited November -1
    The extended profiles does give a medical history including if twins or multiples run in the family. It gives a general detail about extended family as well as the donors. Any hospitalizations, ect. I found it very helpful. I can give you more detail, PM if interested.
  • ToptenTopten Posts: 1
    edited November -1
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  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
    edited November -1
    I loved the extended profiles and always bought them on any donors I considered...they give you physical info. about the donor and extended family..they tell a bit more about the donors themselves. If you go to print them out have lots of paper as the ones they have now I think are about 50 pages long but many of the pages you will find pretty blank as it asks about aunts, uncles, cousins and many many medical areas...I don't know about you but I don't know a lot about my own aunts, uncles, cousins physical history! I was absolutely determined to have a dark haired dark eyed baby but if I looked at the donors siblings they were not. Everyone has certain things they find important in their donors...I just feel if you are creating a baby I would buy it. I have many, many adopted children and I know whatever information I can give them about their birthfamilies is so important to them and even if a baby I created this way would never know the donor it would be even more important...
  • RedHeatherRedHeather Posts: 598
    edited November -1
    I definitely liked the more detailed info on parents/grandparents/siblings. I also liked just generally getting any idea of the donors writing style (I was an English major for my undergrad). I did find a few of the questions silly (like favorite color and favorite song), but I think the long answers from the donors give a clearer indication of intelligence vs. the publicly available profile (well, both of the ones I purchased gave long answers, can't speak for all of course). There are also details that give a pretty clear indication of age and maturity level, though age isn't explicitly provided.

    All-in-all, I though the extended profiles were worth the money.
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