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I have been meaning to post for a few days...since I read about you hiring a Nanny to hopefully help your LO get/stay healthier. I figured if you would go to such measures to help ensure her health you'd probably be up for any suggestions!

Anyway, we went through the ringer with Kate's health - reflux, allergies, ear infections, high fevers and just generally catching anything that was going around. She wasn't in day care and exclusively breast fed (and nursed for almost 3 years) but that all seemed for not! Around 17 months we were referred to an ENT who (of course) was recommending tubes. He was willing to admit that we could hold off and/or try alternatives to surgery. There was just no way I was putting my baby through an operation if I could possibly avoid it. My whole issue with the tubes, or that line of thinking is that you aren't actually solving the issue or addressing what is creating the problem. Her issues were allergies, genetics (my father and I both have had ear troubles including lots of infections), small anatomy (hard for drainage to actually drain) and a weekend immune system (most likely from her difficult birth). We started seeing a chiropractor as well as a more natural pediatrician and pursued allergy testing and diagnosis. Finally knowing for certain what she was allergic to after 18 months of second guessing everything was a huge relief. Over the course of time we stopped seeing the chiropractor and the pediatrician. She *seems" to have outgrown her allergies. The one thing that we have continued for the last 2 years though has been the immune boosting regimine that the doctor put her on to avoid the surgery. If you have any interest, here is what she takes. Some things we are able to get at whole foods but several we have had to get at health food stores and the like. I'm sure they are all available on countless websites as well. She was on mostly liquid versions initially and now is mostly pills she can chew. Daily she takes:
colostrum: yes, they bottle it and yes she took this even when she was nursing frequently. She now takes a pill
vitamin d: almost all of us are deficient in this and it is really important when it comes to our immune systems. She takes a pill daily but when she has a cold coming on I increase it by also giving her the liquid in her smoothie.
dha: I didn't start this until she stopped nursing
probiotic: she now takes 1/2 an adult pill

At the first sign of allergies or a cold I add a couple of things to her smoothies (or OJ if she isn't in the mood for smoothies) and make sure she has them everyday for a few days. The 2 most important ones are briar rose and colloidal silver along with the vit d. There are a couple of others but honestly she's been doing so well I haven't restocked them so I'd have to look up the names if you are interested.

About 2 weeks ago we both started to get a cold. She took her usual supplements plus the 3 I just mentioned for 3 or 4 days (then we ran out). I got the cold full on but she never did.

I shudder to think of what I have spent on this stuff - I spend $50-$100 every time I go in the health market. But then I shudder to think what I would have spent on additional co pays, prescriptions etc. And she really and truly is healthier. I know that some of that is her body growing (her eustachian tubes were really small), learning how to blow her nose etc etc. BUT I really think that has made a huge impact on her health and I wanted to pass it along because I really feel for anyone who is going through the same thing with their infant! If you aren't interested, please disregard :). If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them!


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    Thank you so much. We have scheduled allergy testing, and will look into the spplements you mentioned. I've been trying to cover those vitamins naturally, with yogurt, whole milk, and formula mixed in with milk, but maybe she needs more. I may have more questions....

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    How young can you start this?
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