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Any tips on how to conceive a boy?:)

starviewchickstarviewchick Posts: 348
edited November -1 in Parenting and Life
Hi ladies,
I know, it is way to early to talk about another baby for me since I just delivered my daughter less than 2 weeks ago, but I am pretty sure I am going to try for a sibling some time sooner rather than later. I want them to be close in age - so maybe I'll start trying in 6-8 months - if all goes well. And this time I'd be really happy to have a boy. I read on-line that for a boy you want to have an intercourse - or inseminate - as close to ovulation as possible. But then another source said that it takes at least 8 hours for the sperm to swim to the egg? I inseminated at "+" OPK and then 24 hours after that and got a girl. I think I ovulated about 30 hours after my "+" OPK, at least this is when I felt some cramping. For those of you who conceived boys via AI - what was the timing? Also what do you think about the "boy" diet? Any other tricks you'd be willing to share? Thanks in advance.

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