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Board Games

roses25roses25 Posts: 567
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When was your child old enough to play a board game meant for their age? Aiden received a gift card and with the gift card he chose two board games (Thomas Present Game and Shutes and Ladders---both are for 3 yrs. and up). He was so excited to play the games. However, I ended up having to put both games away while playing with him because he got so upset because he wanted to play his own way vs. the way the rules say. For example, on shutes and ladders he wanted to find any ladder and just go up which ever ladder he chose vs. the one he landed on. With the Thomas game he wanted to take more than one token during his turn. Maybe I'm being to strict with the game?



  • sara291sara291 Posts: 1,042
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    Z is 4 and I have him follow the rules. He has hi-ho-Cheerio, Gold Fish & candy land. He can mostly play candy land correct. If he does not grasp the rule & it's a honest mistake then I don't care. I just don't let him cheat on purpose. Go Fish is hard for him so we just do the best we can. He likes playing on his own against himself do that he can win lol at 3 he could not grasp the games well so I either let him play how he wanted. He was not trying to cheat do I did not care really same goes for now. He loves to win!! I tell him it's okay to lose & he may win next time. He for some reason can't grasp later, now, next time, tomorrow so will just say can it be next time now. Lol
  • onmyownonmyown Posts: 300
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    Kids of this age can most certainly learn to play by the rules with appropriate board games. I personally have issues with Chutes and Ladders. I think it has major design flaws. For starters, the board is too busy, the pieces too large for the spaces, and for children just learning numeracy, it is too confusing to have to change direction with each row in order to follow the numbers in order. I say keep trying, but maybe save the Chutes and Ladders for a time when he has a better grasp of the concept of playing board games, and can count and recognize number order for those higher numbers.
  • ShannyShanny Posts: 2,456
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    A was ready at 3, K not so much. We mostly stick to Memory for her these days with an occasional Candy Land thrown in.
  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368
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    I think it just takes practice. Anything new is fun to explore.
  • ZenZen Posts: 2,942
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    Shiloh got a couple of games for her 3rd birthday but I haven't pulled them out yet. In past experience (with other people's kids) I've found that more relaxed versions of the rules work best just starting out. And if the kids get bored/frustrated, it may be a good idea to step back and try again later (in another month or two). At some point (age 4? 5?) you want them to learn to play by the rules and be happy to do so. I'm just not sure that all kids clue in to that at 3!
  • fischfisch Posts: 570
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    We play games but make up our own rules mostly. I don't mind that he wants to play it his own way. When he begins to show more interest in the games and rules we will teach him. We do play memory also, but are silly about it. Though I get the importance of following rules and not cheating, my son doesn't really like sitting down and focusing, he prefers more active play.

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