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wish me luck -first vacation

KariKari Posts: 1,765
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Tomorrow I'm taking the kids camping overnight in a borrowed camper and then to an amusement park. We may also venture to the ocean since we'll only be a couple miles away. I'm nervous how it will all work out, but my sister's family is camping right across the path from us and will be helping. They only have showers so I'm not sure how to bathe the kids, and my plan is for all three of us to co-sleep on the queen-sized bed with the toddler bed rail on Juliet's side. I wish I could take a U-Haul to make sure I bring everything we need!

We're going to try and leave during Juliet's morning nap since the trip is a little over an hour. I have a Dvd player in the car for Justin so he'll be fine. Coming home it will be bedtime for both.

The trickiest part may be pumping breastmilk at the amusement park. I can do that in the car in the parking lot, but that requires having the family hang with the kids. Or the campground is only a few miles away so maybe we could go back for a quick lunch and I pump on the way. Juliet will possibly be staying at the campground with my sister, who had surgery on her leg earlier this week, and may not be up to walking around with us; so nursing might not be an option and Justin won't want to sit still for that.

Any tips would be appreciated!


  • annerbonesannerbones Posts: 1,812
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    keep calm and carry on - sorry that is my best advice.
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    Take a tote to the shower with you, Fill it in the shower, use it as a tub, dump the water into the shower and head back to your camp. If you have room bring a booster chair and a bungee cord, Strap the chair to the picnic table. Justin may not have used a booster in a while (i don't know) but picnic tables have a bigger "gap" between the bench and the table. As far as pumping at the park sorry I don't know, I pumped in the campground but went to the car to pump at the park.
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  • ZenZen Posts: 2,942
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    Bring a cup to the shower to rinse off the kids and if they're not as clean as they would be at home, don't stress. As for nursing/pumping, try not to over-think it. Just do what you need to on your schedule and it will all come together. I'm proud of any mom who takes on vacation travel with little ones -- and that's with full amenities. I've never tried camping but if you can pull that off, you get the super mom gold star!
  • OneSmallStepOneSmallStep Posts: 1,685
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    Check with the theme park, I know Disney and Universal have nursing mother's rooms. Some have a big room with a 3 or 4 glider's facing away from each other. Other's have separate rooms for each mother/child/family, including a place to plug-in a pump! One was located in first-aid, they just let us into a room that wasn't being used. Additionally, in the same area Disney had a tv room with kid and adult sized furniture that plays Disney movies all day, and a place to warm up food, & bottles. Oh and of course changing tables.
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    Just want to wish you well! Have fun and make some memories :)
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