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Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
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So DP & I called our Dr.'s office and pretty much demanded DP be put on clomid (they wanted to wait another cycle, but I wanted to be more aggressive). They did an US on cd 5 and prescribed clomid for 5 days.

However, when we informed them that we are reducing the number of IUIs from 2 (back to back IUIs) to 1 IUI, they pretty much told me (or at least made me feel) like it wasn't the smartest idea. I know this topic was discussed once, but a quick search was unable to retrieve it. If I remember correctly, there is appx a 6% increase in back to back IUIs and a lot of doctors do not do back to back IUIs because they think its a waste. Please correct me if I am wrong on this.

They do back to back IUIs, at +24 hrs from trigger shot and +48 hours from trigger. Based on my research, when using frozen sperm this timing is a bit off. Using conservative numbers, due to the small window of opportunity on any given month, frozen sperm live 6+ (but again, I want to use conservative numbers) hours. So if the egg is dropped 36 hours after trigger, then a well timed IUI with frozen sperm would be at any point between 30 hours (so sperm are waiting for egg) to 42 hours (research says you want to catch egg within 6 hour window of dropping for best results). So in my opinion, doing 1 IUI at 36 hours, instead of 2 IUIs at 24 and 48, is best, but of course I am not a dr. Even if money was not an issue, I'd feel better doing 1 IUI at 36 hours, because they will not do 1 IUI at 24 and another one at 36 hours.

What are your thoughts?
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  • tc0104tc0104 Posts: 579 ✭✭
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    I've had two iuis while on clomid at 36 hrs post trigger....and got pregnant both times...this time with twins. Way to stand up for what you believe is the proper treatment for you guys!
  • mommylovemommylove Posts: 1,582
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    My doc doesn't do back to back IUI unless you push for it...we never did. The studies that have been done in this regard by my understanding do not show much of any increase in success with back to back IUI vs. just one well timed insem.

    We did unmedicated cycles and had our OB perform the IUI. Conceiving our son we did three IUI total and got a BFP two out of three cycles (1st BFP ended in miscarriage). Conceiving this second child we did two cycles total and got our BFP on the second try. ALL of our BFP's were IUI timed at 21-24hrs past +OPK.
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  • cocolibbycocolibby Posts: 385
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    Definitely way to go for pushing for what you want!

    I got pregnant twice from Clomid/trigger/IUI cycles. One was 30 hours past trigger, the other 36 hours. Do you give yourself the trigger shot, so that you could control the timing of when you get it?
  • Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
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    Thanks for the info, ladies. If we do 1 IUI at 36 hours, we do have to administer the injection ourselves. However, they want us to wait until we get a +opk to give the shot.
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