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IVF and C-section

scifimomscifimom Posts: 1,173
edited November -1 in Pregnancy and Babies
I was just watching vid on IVF and it said that women who undergo IVF always deliver via c-section. This doesn't seem right. Is that true and if so, is it being overcautious?

Obviously my baby fever has not gone away even though I'm pregnant, considering I'm still interested in conception videos! haha! Well, YouTube did suggest I would like it. It didn't seem to be very good quality, hence why I'm curious about the validity of the content. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity! :)


  • melmel Posts: 793
    edited November -1
    Absolutely untrue. Type of conception has nothing to do with the type of delivery you'll have.
  • roses25roses25 Posts: 567
    edited November -1
    I agree that this is very untrue. A friend of mine has gone through IVF in order to be a surrogate mother and had a homebirth.

  • Ms.KateMs.Kate Posts: 1,216
    edited November -1
    I conceived via IVF. I am planning a natural and vaginal birth, and my Dr. is on board with that. I've never heard or read anything like that.
  • ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum Posts: 1,205 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    My guess is they would say that because if the high rate of multiples, and multiples are almost always a c-s.
    I did IVF and I'm planning in a vagibal birth.
  • friendamyfriendamy Posts: 588
    edited July 2012
    I know several IVF moms and only one had a section... and only because she had quads! one had twins naturally, even. I know more "regular" conception moms who had c-sections :)
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  • scifimomscifimom Posts: 1,173
    edited November -1
    Thanks ladies. You all are quicker and more informative than google! That vid didn't look quite right anyways.
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