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Forms to send in...?

jenner2jenner2 Posts: 12
edited November -1 in NW Cryobank Happenings
So we are about to place our order and we have to send in a proof of age and some forms. The forms we have are 'Request WITH physicians authorization' and 'Request WITHOUT physicians authorization' Then theres a form for the actual physician to fill out. :/ I'm so confused. We are just doing an at home insemination so which form do i have to fill out and send in?!


  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368
    edited November -1
    The one that says "without physician"
  • mommaof4mommaof4 Posts: 18
    edited November -1
    I was wondering the same thing. :) so we can order vials to do at home insemination without a doctor's consent?
  • EMG_RELEMG_REL Posts: 2,379
    edited November -1
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