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? about clomid + trigger

stash7210stash7210 Posts: 998
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So I have been talkin with my OB and she wants me to do my first cycle back with just clomid, that is if I am still not Oing correctly by then. So we can see if I need it. She isn't about numbers, she is about as natural and cheap as possible. The only reason for the trigger is timing. And since we are using 2 IUI vials after +OPK she thinks we should be good. She will still do U/S monitering and even wants to moniter one natural cycle to see what my body is doing.

So... do you guys think this is a good idea? Or should I push for the trigger shot? Or am I jumping the gun and should wait to see what my natural cycle looks like? Oh, and OB is gonna do CD3 and CD21 BW when we start again, just in case the numbers have changed. :) I really do like her most of the time!


  • LovingMomsLovingMoms Posts: 1,078
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    I would go the re route and do the clomid and trigger. It will help take the guessing game out of the scene with a monitored cycle

    Wish you the best!
    July 2011 BFP, miscarried at 5 weeks.
  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
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    Someone can correct me if I am wrong...but from what I understand without the trigger you can produce all the little follies you want but only the lead one will release. To give you a better chance I would think you might want all the follies you produced to be released and only the trigger will do that.
  • anna77anna77 Posts: 283
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    Well, my first cycle was unmonitored/unmedicated=BFN. This cycle is the same, but I'm not holding out too much hope :( I am not doing any more IUIs unless my RE agrees to a trigger. I O on my own, so if he wants me to try one more time without Clomid or Femara, I will. But, I think the timing is just so much more crucial with donor sperm that I don't want to play any more guessing games and waste $$$ on sperm and IUIs for cycles that may not even have a chance due to poor timing. If you are doing B2B IUIs, I might give it a cycle or two without anything and if it just isnt happening "demand" a trigger at least. I'm all about natural and cheap, but I'm also all about getting a baby out of this deal.
    Anna 38 (mommy to 3 boys...11, 9 & 2)
    #3 was conceived with DS via our 6th IUI (2 natural, 2 clomid, 2 follistim+trigger)
    Trying for one more blessing to add to our family:
    IUI #1 9/25 (follistim+trigger) BFN IUI#2 (follistim+trigger) 10/23 BFP!...mc 6w3d
    IUI#3 2/5 (follistim+trigger)...Test Date 2/19
  • stash7210stash7210 Posts: 998
    edited November -1
    Thank you ladies. I do like taking the guess work out. And I didn't think about that old mama. Even tho I don't really want twins or something crazy, releasing all the follies sounds like better odds and yes, the trigger releases all that can.
  • tc0104tc0104 Posts: 579 ✭✭
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    I'm a fan of trigger, two bfps each time I used it, got twins the second time but I did have 4 follies.
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