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vanish12vanish12 Posts: 55
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I wanted to wait until my first beta before posting.

This was my second medicated IUI after 2 home IUIs with a midwife (who gave up after telling me my cervix was stenotic). Before that DH and I tried TTC naturally on and off for 3 years. Its been a rollercoaster year for both DH and I as he has been in and out of the hospital and is now recovering from acute pancreatitis. My first cycle on meds was so full of stress with DH in the hospital and our lease running out and having to pack and move at the last minute that I was very close to losing hope.

Stress has faded a little bit as DH is now home, we moved into a new city and I'm telecommunting to work. I downloaded and listened to Circle+Bloom IUI/IVF program almost every night for the entire cycle. Some others on this board have said it helped them tremendously and I really think it helped me to focus more on what was happening with my body and tune out the outside world. I also took prenatals, Royal Jelly with honey, extra folic DHA and ate mostly vegetables and vegetarian protein and reduced my carb and sugar intake. Pineapple core and baby aspirin 5 days post insem.

Here are my timing/details:
CD3 blood drawn
CD5-9 took Clomid 100mg
CD12 U/S#1 found 1 15mm follicle on the right side
CD14 U/S#2 found 1 18mm on the left/ 1 17mm on the right. RE wanted me to come back in 2 days for next ultrasound but I insisted that my O was close. Had blood drawn to test for surge. Told to come back the next day.
CD15 U/S#3 found 19mm follicles on each side
CD15 10:30pm trigger shot
CD16 6am positive OPK. Sharp pain on the left side.
CD16 IUI#1 10am (12hrs past trigger). Dull pain around top/middle abdomen mid-day. Shooting pain on the left in the PM.
CD17 IUI#2 9am (35hrs past trigger). Upset stomach all day for the next 2 days.
CD22-26 (5-10dpi/dpo) and beyond developed a strange patchy rash on my face.
CD29-30 (12-13dpi/o) light brown spotting
CD31 (14 dpi/o) AF due. Tested BFP!!!
19dpi (5 weeks pg) Beta#1 level 2499. Progesterone level 27.5
Beta# 2 and sonograms scheduled in 2 days


  • tyme2risetyme2rise Posts: 1,087
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    Some day my dreams will come true!
  • Chris&KareChris&Kare Posts: 21
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  • earrefinnejearrefinnej Posts: 447
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    Congrats - I hope to join you on the other side again in a few more months. FX for a sticky bean! :D
  • vanish12vanish12 Posts: 55
    edited November -1
    Thank you everyone and good luck to you all!! So far everything is going ok, my betas and progesterone have been good and my last ultrasound showed a heartbeat! Its unreal :D
    @earrefinnej I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope you get your sticky bean soon :)
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