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And, finally an update . . .

aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
edited March 2013 in Trying to Conceive
It took all of these . . .

To see two of these . . .

Yep. We're pregnant!

A little story:
On Valentine's Day we had 24 follicles retrieved. 18 fertilized normally by the next day. By day 5, our transfer day, we had 6 front runner "excellent" quality 5-day blastocysts and 3 little guys who were "watch and waiters." After a bit of a pep talk our doctor told us given the quality of the embryos and my age, we should just put back in one. There is statistically no difference in the pregnancy rate for a person in my situation to put back one or two.

Last Friday, the first, we had our first beta done. It came back at 138. Today we had our second beta and it came back at 455. For anyone keeping track that's a doubling time of 41.83 hours. We're pretty pleased that the little one is already exceeding expectations.

I really hope everyone on here one day can feel as lucky as we do today. (Although, I think I'm still in shock.) :)

Thanks for my cheerleaders along the way. You've meant a world of good to me. And thank you to the forum for always being there with new posts. Anyone who was following me can see I started posting way more in the ramp up to IVF (and the during). :)

OH, PS - If you happen to be like me and drink a TON of water, kinda like a camel, do not be surprised if your multitude of HPTs don't get much darker everyday. It doesn't mean anything is wrong. It just means you are an anxiety ridden fool who needs to put down the HPTs (but, should probably keep drinking the water)!
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  • TTC.JuneBugTTC.JuneBug Posts: 188
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    Warm feet, warm uterus..
    Hoping to have baby Kai in my arms soon!
    08/12-BFN KD
    12/12-BFN KD
  • LuckyinkentuckyLuckyinkentucky Posts: 41 ✭✭
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    Congratulations! H&H 9 months!
  • coryandamandacoryandamanda Posts: 1,527
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    Woo hoooooo
    July 4, 2015
  • praying4onepraying4one Posts: 108
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    That is wonderful :) Enjoy your 9 months
    12/12 RE IUI donor DS 313 BFN :(
    1/13 RE ICI donor DS 901A BFN :(
    2/13 RE IUI 100mg clomid and hcg trigger 24hr iui 901A BFN :(
    3/17/15 BFP

  • katelmkatelm Posts: 268
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    Wonderful! Congratulations and good luck!
    My amazing wife is the bedrock of our family. Three beloved foster children now in far flung places. One beautiful son born in March 2011. One amazing daughter born December 2014. We are blessed!


  • kstarrkstarr Posts: 1,008
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    congratulations!!!!!!! :D
    ICI #1 April 2012- BFN ICI #2 March 2013 BFN
    DH had vasectomy reversal October 2013. It worked!!!
    Counts are low, varicocele surgery was in August 2014.
    IVF February 2016 w/ICSI transferred 2 perfect blastocysts. It's twins!!!!
    Two perfect, beautiful boys born 10/24/16!!
  • tyme2risetyme2rise Posts: 1,087
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    Sweeeet congrats
    Some day my dreams will come true!
  • IbelieveIbelieve Posts: 471
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    Congratulations!! :D
  • graceinflgraceinfl Posts: 1,743
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  • beyondobsessedbeyondobsessed Posts: 804
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    That's awesome! And your post is so cute! Sure is a lot of smileys!! :D
  • lcgreylcgrey Posts: 197
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    Yippy, what great news! Congrats. Here's another smiley to add to the collection :D
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  • cocobaycocobay Posts: 1,318
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    Congrats!! Seeing those positive test really do feel amazing!!
  • wasnervouswreckwasnervouswreck Posts: 356
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    HOLY TWINKIES..... The last time I saw a dark HPT like that it was Twinkies!
  • earrefinnejearrefinnej Posts: 447
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  • preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
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    Yay! congratulations again even though I already congratulated you... :D

    So happy for you!
    ........................... :) Trying again soon :)..................................
  • griesskgriessk Posts: 156
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    Yay! Congrats! That's great news!
  • scorpiogrl7scorpiogrl7 Posts: 1,386
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    YESSSS!!! I am so happy for you! Congratulations!
  • KtKt Posts: 87
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    That made me smile. Long journey. Congratulations
  • Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
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    Yay!!! Congratulations!!!! I had been wondering when we'd hear an update. So happy for you! :)
    TTC No. 2 since Aug. 2014; IVF #1 - Cxld; IVF #2 - BFN
  • anna77anna77 Posts: 283
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    I am so happy for you! You have always been so helpful and supportive to me on all my crazy posts and I am thrilled to see you get a BFP!!! :D Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
    Anna 38 (mommy to 3 boys...11, 9 & 2)
    #3 was conceived with DS via our 6th IUI (2 natural, 2 clomid, 2 follistim+trigger)
    Trying for one more blessing to add to our family:
    IUI #1 9/25 (follistim+trigger) BFN IUI#2 (follistim+trigger) 10/23 BFP! 6w3d
    IUI#3 2/5 (follistim+trigger)...Test Date 2/19
  • MelandTara01MelandTara01 Posts: 557
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    Congrats on your BFP!!! H&H 9 months. :D:D:D
    TTC #1 10/2012 -- BFN
    TTC #2 11/2012 -- BFP!!! :)
  • bow1532bow1532 Posts: 185
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  • LexnaniLexnani Posts: 398
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    Congratulations!!! :D
  • saraleesaralee Posts: 504
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    Absolutely incredible!!!! Congratulations, Love!
    Baby boy joined us April 11, 2013, and we are so in *LOVE*!
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Posts: 2,040
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    Amazing!!! Congratulations!!
    After 9 yrs & 1 devastating loss, we got our BFP at 9DPO ~ and welcomed our beautiful son on Halloween! Best treat ever!!

  • Jccwill3Jccwill3 Posts: 687
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    Great post. I love it when they are creative! Congratualations! Enjoy your long overdue miracle! H&H9MO.
  • aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
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    Thanks everyone!!! All your messages are soooo sweet and appreciated!

    We are feeling very excited and very joyful and totally anxious, of course! :)
    Lucky Cycle 14: IVF!! Antagonist Cycle with Lupron Trigger
  • TheMFamilyTheMFamily Posts: 255
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    Congrats! And that's a dark positive!!
    Us: Together since '07, engaged '09, married '11. Trying to start a family since '09. 1 BFN.
    Me: Child dev. degree, nanny to 5 for 5.5yrs, digital print artist, portrait photographer.
    *Leaving. Message me if you'd like to keep in touch*
  • InfertileMyrtleInfertileMyrtle Posts: 46
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    Congrats!! :D
    Stephanie (SMBC after ttc for 18 unsuccessful cycles with azoospermic exDF)
    IUI#1 (by RE)- 3/3/2013 with Donor 3688<33
  • 2moms_somewhere2moms_somewhere Posts: 305
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