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Known Donor: Who Used 'Em? (TTC)

TheMFamilyTheMFamily Posts: 255
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Unless something comes up with our legal team or emotions, DH and I will be using a KD when I ovulate later this month! Uh HELLO party dance! :D:lol::D:lol::D:lol:

So, who used a known donor and is willing to share?

Curiosity questions you don't have to answer:

How did/do you know him?

Were/Are you close?

How did you go about the legal side of things?

Does/will the child(ren) see the KD?

Does/will the child(ren) know KD is the KD?

Where did/will you do the deposits/insems at?

How many cycles did it take?

Do you feel it changed the relationship between you and KD for better or for worse?

If you have a partner, does KD look like said partner? Was this a factor for you?

Us: Together since '07, engaged '09, married '11. Trying to start a family since '09. 1 BFN.
Me: Child dev. degree, nanny to 5 for 5.5yrs, digital print artist, portrait photographer.
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  • TTC.JuneBugTTC.JuneBug Posts: 188
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    I have and I will answer lol I'm on my phone so please forgive
    1. Meet him through the knowndonorregistry.
    2. We got to know each other before everything was set
    3. We had the papers set if I ever got my bfp
    4. He wanted a picture of when they were born and yearly updates
    5. I planned on letting them know.
    6. We did the deposit at a hotel
    7. I did only two cycles and I still have not had a bfp but I honestly think my body didn't like his sperm lol
    8. I am using donor sperm instead of kd thus cycle because he is becoming a little bit of an a hole :P
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  • melandfomelandfo Posts: 490
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    1. I met him at work,my DP and I were very close to him and his family. We are their youngest child's godparents etc.
    2. We were very close.
    3. We had a contract,looked over by attorneys, signed and notarized.
    4. They would have.
    5. They would not have, they would only known him as a family friend.
    6. My apartment, DP and I went outside, he did his thing and then left we went in an insemmed.
    7. We only did 1 cycle, 4 insemms. It is the only time I ever got a faint BFP but the next day it was gone.
    8. It definitely changed the relationship.We do not really speak anymore. Maybe a comment on Facebook here and there. He and his wife both got weird. I was super stressed the whole TWW because of the tension.
    9. Would not have been a factor, we just want a baby.
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