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A Funny Thing Happened at the Doctor's Today

aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
edited November -1 in Pregnancy and Babies
Well, I have been waiting to go for my ultrasound to make sure there is a very nice little bean in there and today was the day. My partner was excited and I was a big old nervous ninny. I couldn't grasp that we were really pregnant and there was a baby in there.

The doctor whipped out the ultrasound wand, got it in there, and immediately hung her head down and covered her face with her hands.

My partner startled -- was something wrong?

I looked at the blank screen and said, "There's two of them, isn't there?"

Yeah, that's right. You do all this work and go through IVF and put back in one embryo and you know what it decides to do? SPLIT!

We are the proud new parents of Baby A and Baby B. Identical twins. Lovely strong heartbeats, by the way, and measuring very well.

I should have known something was up with the doubling times of my betas, but I can honestly say, I was never expecting this. :D
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  • Jccwill3Jccwill3 Posts: 687
    edited November -1
    CONGRATS! Wow what's great surprise. How lucky!
  • cassafrascassafras Posts: 219
    edited November -1
    Woohoo! Congratulations!
  • 2moms_somewhere2moms_somewhere Posts: 305
    edited November -1
    Congrats! I have heard so many stories like this. :)
  • IbelieveIbelieve Posts: 471
    edited November -1
  • TheMysticalOneTheMysticalOne Posts: 849 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    OMG! Awesome. What a great surprise! And identical too. wow! :D
  • beyondobsessedbeyondobsessed Posts: 804
    edited November -1
    Oh my goodness, what a great surprise!! Double congrats!
  • saraleesaralee Posts: 504
    edited November -1
    What an incredibly joyful surprise!!!! Congratulations, Love!
    Baby boy joined us April 11, 2013, and we are so in *LOVE*!
  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368
    edited November -1
    Wow! Congrats! What a surprise!!
  • graceinflgraceinfl Posts: 1,743
    edited November -1
    What a great surprise!!!! Congrats. Doubly!!!
  • AuntrayrayAuntrayray Posts: 241
    edited November -1
    See?! More than perfect! I'm so excited for you both. Congratulations!! :D
    Baby #4 ~ It's a boy!!
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  • palegreenpalegreen Posts: 1,478
    edited November -1
    How cool! Congrats!
  • Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
    edited November -1
    Wow!!!! Congrats! I was going to mention those were some high beta doublings.... Very happy for you both!
    TTC No. 2 since Aug. 2014; IVF #1 - Cxld; IVF #2 - BFN
  • kstarrkstarr Posts: 1,008
    edited November -1
    that's wonderful!! congratulations :D
    ICI #1 April 2012- BFN ICI #2 March 2013 BFN
    DH had vasectomy reversal October 2013. It worked!!!
    Counts are low, varicocele surgery was in August 2014.
    IVF February 2016 w/ICSI transferred 2 perfect blastocysts. It's twins!!!!
    Two perfect, beautiful boys born 10/24/16!!
  • scorpiogrl7scorpiogrl7 Posts: 1,386
    edited November -1
    Yay! See, it didn't matter whether you put back one or two, the Universe said you were having twins either way!

  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
    edited November -1
    I am thrilled for you! What a wonderful development!
  • KatydidKatydid Posts: 515
    edited November -1
    Very cool! Congrats :)
  • aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
    edited November -1
    Ha ha. Thanks, everyone!! It is pretty amazing. :D
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  • wasnervouswreckwasnervouswreck Posts: 356
    edited November -1
    HA! I said you were pg with twinkies on the fourth when i saw that dark Wondfo...... TWINKIES! Congrats!
  • summerfunsummerfun Posts: 511
    edited November -1
    Double the fun! Two!!! Congrats! :)
  • sobadicantsteitsobadicantsteit Posts: 278
    edited November -1
    ttc #1 6/11 1 Vial BFN
    ttc #2 3/12 3 Vials BFN
    ttc #3 4/12 1 Vial BFN
    ttc #4 March 2013 medicated cycle iui via ob/gyn!!!
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Posts: 2,040
    edited November -1
    Meant to be! Congratulations on your double blessings!
    After 9 yrs & 1 devastating loss, we got our BFP at 9DPO ~ and welcomed our beautiful son on Halloween! Best treat ever!!

  • OneSmallStepOneSmallStep Posts: 1,685
    edited November -1
    Congrats that is so awesome!
    Hubby of kopykat451
    TTC #1 5/16/11 = BFP 14 DPI / TTC #2 11/16/12 = No O; 4/12/13= BFN; 6/9/13 = BFP!! (11 DPI) - MC 5wk5dys / TTC#3 3 BFN's and 4th try 10/21/13 = BFP!!!! (Squinter at 10dpi!)
  • aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
    edited November -1
    @WasaNervousWreck - you totally called it!!! As we drove home yesterday I was immediately checking the post to see who was that psychic!!

    Thanks guys!! We do feel blessed.
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  • MelandTara01MelandTara01 Posts: 557
    edited November -1
    Congrats!!! Double Congrats at! :D:D
    TTC #1 10/2012 -- BFN
    TTC #2 11/2012 -- BFP!!! :)
  • daniandcassiedaniandcassie Posts: 61
    edited November -1
    What a wonderful surprise! Congrats!!!
  • bow1532bow1532 Posts: 185
    edited November -1
    Congrats!!! You were meant to have two not one. :)
  • cocobaycocobay Posts: 1,318
    edited November -1
    Congrats times two!!
  • coryandamandacoryandamanda Posts: 1,527
    edited November -1
    Still so excited about this! And still imagining what your faces would have looked like at that u/s if you HAD transferred 2 and there were 3 LMAO
    July 4, 2015
  • mommylovemommylove Posts: 1,582
    edited November -1
    How exciting! Congrats on two!
    October 2014


  • praying4onepraying4one Posts: 108
    edited November -1
    Twins!!!!! :P
    12/12 RE IUI donor DS 313 BFN :(
    1/13 RE ICI donor DS 901A BFN :(
    2/13 RE IUI 100mg clomid and hcg trigger 24hr iui 901A BFN :(
    3/17/15 BFP

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