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Trigger question

somirhsomirh Posts: 18
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Does the trigger overide your own ovulation timing? According to fertility friend I always ovulate 24 hours after my surge, but I have read where ovulation after a trigger usually occurs around the 36 hour mark. Should I be trying to schedule my iui's based off of when I would naturally ovulate or just assume since I am getting a trigger injection that I won't ovulate until later? This is all so confusing.


  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
    edited November -1
    According to what I have read if your body is ready to ovulate it will ovulate despite the trigger and the trigger will NOT hold it off. It is hard to know which way to go but you can go ahead and trigger and plan the 36 hr. after vial but go first with a 24 hr. after...that way you have covered your bases...when I trigger I always try two..always the 36 hr one but sometimes I will try at 24 and once I did 60 hr. after and got a bfp.
  • aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
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    As Old Mama said, the trigger will not delay your natural ovulation. If you have already gotten a positive OPK, expect to ovulate within 24 hours if you do a trigger at +. If anything, a trigger shot may speed up ovulation when the process has already started. The trigger is most effective, for timing purposes, if you have ultrasounds to tell you when your follicles are mature enough to trigger. This is usually done before your body would naturally begin the process. Then you would likely ovulate 36-39ish hours after a trigger shot. If your surge has already begun though, all bets are off.

    Good luck!
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  • somirhsomirh Posts: 18
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    Thanks aplusa and old mama.
  • JessicaHolteJessicaHolte Posts: 266
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    Why are you triggering if you ovulate on your own? Is it for timing purposes?
  • somirhsomirh Posts: 18
    edited November -1
    For timing purposes. I could use opk's if I wanted, but my RE said a trigger gives you better odds since it forces all follies to drop instead of just the leading one.
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