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One hand typing

scifimomscifimom Posts: 1,173
edited November -1 in Parenting and Life
I feel like I have a hard time responding to posts because I have a baby in my arms a lot of the time! I don't know if this will change anytime soon, especially if I have a very cuddly toddler. ;) So, please excuse the lack of caps and editing (not that I'm good at editing anyways. How come it seems like the rest of you can type and hold babies, lol!? Right now baby S is asleep on my chest and have the computer on my legs so I'm taking this time to respond to as many posts as I can! :P


  • GoobieGoobie Posts: 3,515
    edited November -1
    LOL I went through that too... now Tiny is a bit bigger and more independant, so she often buggers off to play while I am on the computer (correction, I come on the computer while she is playing!). Otherwise, I type one handed with no punctuation as well! Its all good, we all understand!

    Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013. 6th baby, so much love!
  • cocobaycocobay Posts: 1,318
    edited April 2013
    Ha! I barely posted at all after Bronx was born. I think we all understand, and it will get easier to take a break and have a few moments to yourself to type what you would like. I use my phone a lot. Like right now Bronx is sitting in his other moms arms loving on her. So I have a few moments to myself while periodically looking over at them and my heart melting at how sweet and lovely they are sitting together :)
  • scifimomscifimom Posts: 1,173
    edited November -1
    Thanks! As soon as I posted this, baby woke up and changed positions so I was back to one hand! Right now she is in one of those activity seats (used to have wheels on them) with a blanket wedged in around her in the seat and a pillow under her feet because she is still so small. She loves it, though!
  • ZenZen Posts: 2,942
    edited November -1
    I never did one-hand typing. If Shiloh was in my arms, I wasn't here :)
  • KariKari Posts: 1,765
    edited November -1
    I remember writing a similar post after Justin was born because I could never put him down! Juliet, on the other hand, preferred solo time from an early age and could amuse herself for a few minutes while I posted. I also recall asking for recipe ideas that could be made with one hand! I was so tired of sandwiches because I had no time to use both hands to cook. It does get easier, so hang in there for a few months and you'll be surprised how quickly they start to play and entertain themselves, initially only for a few minutes, but then it will start to get longer.
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