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Questions about peak vs high day

cbreezecbreeze Posts: 8
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
Hello, all!
Myself and my DP have been using the Clear Blue Ovulation Tests for the past 5 months or so, and I am consistently peaking on CD11 ("High" on 10, and "Peak" on 11). However, after reading some of posts here, I'm concerned because we haven't been tracking time, just days... I thought it was weird that I was "high" for only one day, and went immediately into peak (because the monitor says it will be high for 2 and peak for 2). But I'm wondering if on CD 9, when it's reading "Low" in the AM, if it's changing to "high" throughout the day, and I'm just ignorant to it because I'm not checking throughout the day?

Is it essential for me to check at different hours, or just to know when I am "high" and "peak"? Also, when would you ladies suggest we actually insem. on "high" day or on "peak" day? :/

We were initially going to a doctor to have the IUI procedure done, however the doctor left a VERY bad impression with us, so we opted to do it ourselves, ICI, in the privacy of our home. This way it is more intimate and comfortable for us. With that being said, despite the amount of research we've done, I am still full of questions! No one better to ask then a group of gals who have been through/are going through the same thing! :)

I really appreciate everyone's help, Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! :D


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    starviewchickstarviewchick Posts: 348
    edited November -1
    I'd suggest you start using lined OPKs, so you'd be able to see how the line is getting darker:)
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    lcgreylcgrey Posts: 197
    edited November -1
    I use the CBFM as well as opk's. I use my monitor in the AM. Once I receive a High, I start using the opk's at least 3 times a day until I get a positive test. I prefer the digital opk's and have discovered that I get a + opk at least 12 hours before I get a Peak on the Monitor.
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    islandmoms2bislandmoms2b Posts: 254
    edited May 2013
    I have gone from low to peak for the last two months, so once I hit day 8 of my cycle I start testing every 4 hours with OPKs. I did my insem based on the + opk. If I don't get my BFP this time I'm planning on doing one vial 8 hours past opk and another 10 hours later. I believe I ovulate about 24 hours past +OPK. Of course, I've only tried this past month so this is all new for me as well.
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    cbreezecbreeze Posts: 8
    edited November -1
    Thank you all for the help, I will definitely start using the lined tests in addition to the digital. I have them, but I preferred the digital because they were just easier to get a definite yes or no.

    Thanks again :)
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