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Temp rise before +opk

katookatoo Posts: 324
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Hi All, I'm freaking out a bit that I relied to heavily on waiting for a +opk and missed my window to inseminate. I've been charting temps and monitoring cm for about a year. My charts have always indicated clear pre- and post-ovulatory phases. In March I added target brand opk strips to the mix because we were planning our first AI for May and I wanted more data. In March the strips picked up an LH surge for about 5 days. My temp rose around day 3 of the +opks. In April the strips picked up two days of +opks, my temp rose after the second +opk, and then 3 days later I got another +opk that was super dark. I was totally perplexed by this positive that occurred after both temp increase and cm drying up so for May I used both the cheap Target strips and Clear Blue Easy digital smileys. My temp rose 3/10 of a degree on CD 16 and then rose another 2/10 of a degree on CD 17. Both Target and CBE opks did not detect an LH surge until CD 17. I got another +opk on the Target strips the following day, but CBE didn't pick anything up. What's going on here??? Before I started using opks FF was giving me clear crosshairs on my charts. Now that I'm using the opks it's telling me I'm not ovulationg. If I remove the +opk results FF will put the crosshairs in, but then ovulation appears to have occurred 2 days before the +opks occur. I confess that I threw out my test strips from March without adding the +opks to FF, so that chart looks normal. In April we moved so I chalked up the mismatch to that, but then it happened again in May which happened to be the month we ordered sperm. My partner inseminated me about 10 hrs after the +opk on CD 17 (5/26) and I still had a ton of ewcm and my os was super open. I'm so confused and totally afraid that we inseminated too late. Everything seems to say that you've already ovulated once your temp rises, but what's the deal with these +opks AFTER my temp increase???


  • islandmoms2bislandmoms2b Posts: 254
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    I had similar results in April. I went from low fertility on my monitor to peak and temp rise the next day. As far as I know, once your temp rises you have already ovulated because it is the follicle which releases the progesterone that causes the increase in temp. Once you get a + opk you should stop testing because it can come up positive for a while. It will drive anyone crazy!

    Sounds like your insem was good based on you Ewcm and the position. Did your temp rise before or after the insem? Good luck!!
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  • katookatoo Posts: 324
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    My temp rose the day before insem. :( I took my temp about an hour later than usual those two days (the day of the rise and the day of insem) so I'm hoping maybe that explains it??? I'm being diligent about taking my temp at 6 AM every day from here on out until I am preggers.
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