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O pains anyone?

preciousgiftpreciousgift Posts: 2,191
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
For those of you who get ovulation pain... does it generally happen before, during, or after ovulation? and, how did it correlate to your temp increae (if you temp)?

Also... do you usually get o pains on one side more often then the other... or does it alternate?
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    emn'saremn'sar Posts: 393
    edited November -1
    I get ery sharp o pains every month. Always hurts much more on the right side even though I know the body alternates ovulation sides. I don't know how it correlates with my temp increase bc I didn't temp this time around. I get the pain for a total of 24 hours or so...starts faint and builds and builds to te point where I have to sit or lay down. I typically ovulate at night so a lot of times the pain is dull by morning. So I would say mine is a pattern of dull.strong.terriblystrong.dull.
    Avery 2.5 years and Julian 4.5 months
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    KtKt Posts: 87
    edited November -1
    I never use to feel it, but three years of ttc later and I can feel so many shifts in my body. Similar to the other person I feel the ovulation pain for about 24 hours. I can feel it right before I get a positive OPK and then into the next day.
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    stwrrstwrr Posts: 455 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Ohh this is a good conversation. I want to see more of what other folks feel!

    I've just started feeling mine the last three months or so (after my period finally came back from Baby #1). This month was the first time I could pick a side, and say that it was definitely on my left. It feels like light to medium period cramps. Like... my innards want out. Mine aren't sharp and then go away - they go from light cramps to definite "notice me notice me' but without hurting too much cramps, to going back to light. I seem to get a Smilie within 4 hours either way of cramping. The cramping is actually what clued me in to testing with the smilie - I was thinking my LH surge was still a few days away.. but nope! It's actually very handy to feel, despite the discomfort.

    And I guess I have a question for other ladies.. if you get a smilie right when you are feeling ovulation pains... well, that means my ovulation is right on top my of LH increase, right? As opposed to 12-36 hours later?

    ~ Sandy
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