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Timing ICI 2am positive OPK

xxluvmyfiremanxxxxluvmyfiremanxx Posts: 77
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Last night I had a solid positive smiley at 2am I tested 7 hours before that and it was a blinking smiley. I was going to aim for 12 and 24 hours post positive opk but what I'm wondering is do I add any hours to it since most likely my surge started in between the first and the second opk or do I just go from 2 am? Also can my cervix tell me if I O'd? I'm so scared in going to miss O or be too early. Thanks for any advice you can give!


  • islandmoms2bislandmoms2b Posts: 254
    edited November -1
    Hi! I would probably add only 2 hours to the smiley. That's just me. Also, do you have any idea how long after the surge you actually O? 12 and 24 hours seems pretty standard, but if you O very that depends on you personal O time.
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  • xxluvmyfiremanxxxxluvmyfiremanxx Posts: 77
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    Islandmom: I have no idea when I typically O after surge. I only have 2 marked months from a while back and it seems based on my LP from those two cycles that I O'd the following day so that's what I was aiming for but my cm was semi creamy not sure if that means I'm close or already missed it. I did an Insem at 3 and going to aim to do the second one at 2am. Couldn't find my cervix though so it ended up IVI :( wish me luck! I'm already feeling so down.
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