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2014 Due Date Check in !!!!!!!

ladyscorpian14ladyscorpian14 Posts: 41
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Ha guys I thought it be cool to have a separate little post for the new pregnancy folks I have a feeling this is going to be a big pregnancy year. please answer these questions.
1. Age
2. number of children
3.donor id if you want!
4. your zodiac
5. Are you having home birth, birth center,midwife or hospital ?
6. Breastfeeding or formula
7.Cloth diapering or disposables ?
8. Do you have any names picked out???
9. What is your Birth plan ideas??
10. What are your nursery ideas???


  • ladyscorpian14ladyscorpian14 Posts: 41
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    1. 24 but 25 when baby gets here
    2. First kid
    3. 4304( holla!)
    4.Scorpio woot woot!!!
    5.Natural with doula and OB hospital birth
    8.Keeva jolie and Giovonii Antonio miguel
    9. Not completed yet
    10. Something gender neutral
  • MrsEscamilla21MrsEscamilla21 Posts: 60
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    1. I am very young, I will be 19 in two weeks however I'm very ready for this. I have my bachelors degree, a wonderful job, a house and I am married to my much older wife.
    2. First child.
    3. 6729
    4. Leo!
    5. I would like a natural birth but undecided about having an at home or hospital birth.
    6. Breast feeding.
    7. Disposable.
    8. Madalynn, Xavier, I have a whole list of others.
    9. Undecided.
    10. A gender neutral nursery, I don't want to find out the gender I would like to be surprised :)
    TTC #1:
    July 2013: At home ICI BFP!!!

  • jaime527jaime527 Posts: 157
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    1. 35
    2. First One!
    3. Not NW :(
    4. Gemini
    5. Hospital birth, I'm considered high risk medically so birthing center's won't touch me!
    6. Breastfeeding
    7. Disposables
    8. Names undecided.
    9. Birth plan-undecided-I'm pretty open since I've seen these all go south depending on what baby tolerates!
    10. Dr. Seuss, but that could change.
  • lovelyladybutterflylovelyladybutterfly Posts: 122
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    1. Age- 26, 27 by birth.
    2. number of children- this is my first
    3.donor id if you want!- haha
    4. your zodiac- Sagitarius
    5. Are you having home birth, birth center,midwife or hospital ?- Hospital, I think. Still deciding between C-section with a tubal, or vaginal.
    6. Breastfeeding or formula- haven't decided. I am very much on the fence with this one.
    7.Cloth diapering or disposables ?- Cloth, absolutely.
    8. Do you have any names picked out???- Desmond or Eleanor, I think.
    9. What is your Birth plan ideas??- I don't know yet. Thinking of doing a cesarean and a tubal so this is my only child.
    10. What are your nursery ideas???- I *think* I want to do a nighttime sky theme. A moon shaped bassinet and blue starry walls.
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    2nd Try
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    No matter how long it takes, I'll have my dream come true!
  • scorpiogrl7scorpiogrl7 Posts: 1,386
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    1. 35, will be 36 at the birth
    2. This is my first.
    3. Ended up not using NW because my Dr office would only work with certain banks.
    4. Scorpio
    5. Hospital, but only because that's what my insurance will cover. Plan to do Bradley Method natural childbirth.
    6. Breastfeeding. Why buy formula when I have free food in my boobies?
    7. Cloth. I know people are going to bring disposables to my shower, and I'll use them, but I will not buy disposables.
    8. Boy name: Nathan Charles. Girl name: it WAS Charlotte, but that has turned up on the top 25 list, so now we are back at square one.
    9. I will ha e an extensive birth plan, and I realize it can go south, but I will do my best NOT to have a c-section. My mom had me at home unassisted and I turned out fine.
    10. Boy--Dr. Seuss. Girl--ladybugs and butterflies.
  • poems0431poems0431 Posts: 337
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    Age: 32
    First pregnancy
    Switched to another bank bc NW cannot ship to NYC
    Hospital with doula and epidural!
    Cloth and disposables. Washing machine isn't allowed in my Apt so not sure if I can fully cloth diaper.
    I am having a Boy: Giovanni Elliot
    Birth plan: C section if he's breeched which is possible since I have a bicornuated uterus, otherwise virginal with epidural
    I love the ocean so nautical theme nursery
    IT'S A BOY!
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    2nd beta 6000 at 22 dpo
  • irisgrace61irisgrace61 Posts: 203
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    1. 38 - 39 at due date
    2. 13 y/o son - Adopted - 12 y/o son - step - 9 y/o son bio - I also had a daughter who I lost in the second trimester 3 years ago (don't want to not count her)
    3. Bio son was a NW donor - dd was a known donor - This pg is also a known donor, but not the same
    4. Capricorn
    5. Birth Center! So excited b/c my son was a csection & I appreciate the chance - My state isn't super vbac friendly, so we are driving over an hour to have a doc & midwives that are
    6. Breastfeeding
    7.Cloth diaper
    8. Do you have any names picked out??? We want Noah for a girl, b/c she will be our rainbow - We want it to be a 2 name first name, so you know it is a girl - I want NoahLynn, but DP isn't certain on the middle name - regardless, the middle name will be a family name (which Lynn is) - The boy name will include James, b/c it is a family name - She wants Marshall, b/c that is her Alma Mater, but we will see ;)
    9. What is your Birth plan ideas?? - Haven't gotten that far
    10. No nursery - The baby will be in our room, until we decide to make 2 of our boys share a room
  • cocobaycocobay Posts: 1,318
    edited August 2013
    I know this is for 2014 due dates but I want to play too! Hope that's okay :)

    1. 24 in a couple of weeks
    2. This is my second, first son will be 2 this Thursday.
    3. Bronx is 6664, and York is 060L
    4. Virgo
    5. Home birth (HBAC) with a midwife, not at my home, but at a small cottage right across the state line because it is illegal in my state.
    6. Breastfeeding and CAN'T WAIT
    7. Both
    8. His name will be York Oneal
    9. No pain meds, my doula will be there, photographer, water birth, delayed cord clamping, no bath, skin to skin, no eye ointment or Vit K shot, no vaccinations, very peaceful and natural. Dim lighting, good music...
    10. No nursery theme, we just pieced together things we liked. I just posted pictures in another thread.
  • ladyscorpian14ladyscorpian14 Posts: 41
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    Thanks for joining in!!!!!
  • earrefinnejearrefinnej Posts: 447
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    1. Age: 36 in a few weeks
    2. number of children: this is my first
    3.donor id if you want: 8239
    !4.  your zodiac : Leo
    5. Are you having home birth, birth center,midwife or hospital ?: birth center
    6. Breastfeeding or formula: breastfeeding
    7.Cloth diapering or disposables ?: cloth
    8. Do you have any names picked out???: yes...not sharing now.
    9. What is your Birth plan ideas?? Hypnobirthing... all natural
    10. What are your nursery ideas??? Vegetables (cute IKEA prints)
  • JessicaHolteJessicaHolte Posts: 266
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    I will be about 2 weeks from turning 37 when lo arrives if she is on time.
    Number 4, all girls :)
    Used another bank, wanted a full bio sib for my DD
    Hospital for sure (high risk)
    Will EBF if possible but I'm always open to using formula if necessary (I take meds for PPD)
    Yes, we think so anyway.
    Epidural all the way ;)
    I like very feminine, old fashioned, traditional prints like toile but our girl won't have a nursery, she will share a room with us for awhile.
  • emn'saremn'sar Posts: 393
    edited August 2013
    Due: January 27,2014 (I turn 36 on January 18th soooo...)
    2nd baby
    Not a NW bank
    Birth center with midwife
    It's a boy and we have a name!
    Attempting medication/intervention free birth
    Baby will be in our room for the first year while his big sister is in the 2nd bedroom. At that point we will either be buying a bigger place to give him his own room or I will have to de-frill Avery's room so that they can share!
    Avery 2.5 years and Julian 4.5 months
  • amyx2amyx2 Posts: 29
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    We are due valentines day, but Dr. wants to take the baby at 36 weeks as long as lungs are developed because of myomectomy surgery I had in December.
    This will be our first :)
    Prefer not to share donor
    We will have a scheduled C-section
    Going to attempt breast feeding
    We have 2 names for each sex but we probably won't pick a name until the baby is born
    No theme, just colors...aqua and coral for a girl, aqua, orange and green for a boy
  • ReadytoTryReadytoTry Posts: 234
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    1. Age - 26, turning 27 in November

    2. number of children - First together. DH has two girls (18 and 14) from his first marriage

    3.donor id if you want! - Roscoe from Seattle Sperm Bank

    4. your zodiac - Scorpio

    5. Are you having home birth, birth center,midwife or hospital ? I wanted a midwife attended birth center birth, but now I'm thinking OB at hospital.

    6. Breastfeeding or formula - breast feeding

    7.Cloth diapering or disposables ? Disposables! I hate laundry!!!

    8. Do you have any names picked out??? Madeline Grace, Kendall James

    9. What is your Birth plan ideas?? All natural

    10. What are your nursery ideas??? An elegant mermaid theme for a girl and a rock music theme if it's a boy!
  • LindseyC87LindseyC87 Posts: 94
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    1. Age 26
    2. number of children #3
    3.donor id if you want! A MWSB donor
    4. your zodiac Gemini
    5. Are you having home birth, birth center,midwife or hospital ? Hospital C-section
    6. Breastfeeding or formula Breastfeed as long as possible
    7.Cloth diapering or disposables ? Disposables
    8. Do you have any names picked out??? Yes Wyatt or Bennett for a boy or Aubrey or Devin (sp ?) for a girl
    9. What is your Birth plan ideas?? Just get through my C-section safely
    10. What are your nursery ideas??? Depends on gender. My 2 LO wil be 16 months apart and share a nursery so it depends.
    #3 Due 3/26/14 and IT'S A BOY
  • ladyscorpian14ladyscorpian14 Posts: 41
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    Welcome guys
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