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The Thing About Timing

tyababyhopestyababyhopes Posts: 113
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As I sit here in the TWW I keep thinking about the issue of timing. I read almost all of the NW posts every day in addition to trolling other forums. The one issue that is underlying almost all of the posts is timing – “this happened with my CM,” “My temp did this,” “The doc saw this,” “I felt that…” The end of those introductory statements results in a question about timing.

I’m constantly reading about average times – “this happens at 24 hours, this at 12 hours, that from 36-42 hours, the egg lives for this amount of time, the sperm for that amount of time, etc, etc, etc.” So I asked myself, “JUST HOW AVERAGE IS MY BODY?” If the average woman ovulates 24-36 hours after the first +OPK that means there are a lot of women on either side of that window. How do I know if I’m in the window without spending a lot of money and experiencing a lot of heartbreaking BFNs?

Although I’ve spent a year obsessively thinking about and planning my TTC journey I’ve only inseminated twice. Once, several months back, I started the clomid and had to cancel the cycle. I finished out my five days of clomid but I never triggered or inseminated. The one thing I did do was continue to temp and monitor my body (although I know I’m not supposed to).

So, last month I got my first BFN with all kinds of new and confusing symptoms coming from a body I thought I’d grown to know. The entire time (during the TWW) I questioned my timing, believing that I’d inseminated too early. After the BFN I went back and obsessively reviewed my charts – temp, opks, cm. I finally concluded that I’d inseminated too late and that I would inseminate a little earlier this time. I was supposed to wait at least 36 hours after trigger, I made it to 20 before inserting those tiny little swimmers. Why? Because my EWCM was early.

With 11 more days of my TWW I wonder how many of us move around our insem times in order to fall into that magical window?
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  • hopeful2014hopeful2014 Posts: 428
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    Timing is what really drives me crazy! You can see from my signature that I've changed it up each time. After each BFN, I've wondered if it didn't work because timing was great but it just wasn't my month OR maybe my timing was off OR maybe there's something wrong with me OR a combination of those factors. It's so frustrating. I wish I could just buy 5-6 vials and insem every 10 hours after positive OPK so I could rule out timing as the issue.

    The medical field just baffles me sometimes. We've launched people into space, how have we not managed to take the guess work out of getting pregnant?! :)
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  • kerkyrakerkyra Posts: 99
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    I'm having similar frustrations. It doesn't seem like it should be this complicated. But I question my timing every cycle. I change it up every time, mostly because of my work schedule, but also because I assume I haven't gotten it right yet since it's all bfn. I switched to akd, which is supposed to widen my window, but still no luck. So maybe my O isn't "average"? Ugh.
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