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It's early in my pregnancy and I'm rounder than usual. What gives?

blkbrd3blkbrd3 Posts: 1,221 ✭✭
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Perhaps my problem is that I'm looking for logic, reason, and predictability from my pregnant body. At almost 11 weeks into my first pregnancy I am in fact very, very round. I promise you I'm not showing a bit of baby. It's all upper and lower belly fat. Heck my darling baby is still living behind my pubic bone.

I haven't had any weight gain to date. I'm likely eating less calories than pre-pregnancy because I've dropped, sweets, processed food, junk food and my daily specialty coffee drink. Sweets don't interest me at all. These days veggies, fruit and meat, especially fish, are pretty entertaining and fulfill most of my cravings.

I'm not a petite woman by any means. At 5'6" my frame could be described as "sturdy" or broad. My wrist measures 7 inches around and my pre-pregnant size 22 body showed a hit of hip bone when I laid down. Now my body has made the journey from my size 22 to pushing the upper limits of 24. The vast majority of the growth is belly.

I can't wear any of my pants unless I want to venture out in pjs. My bust has grown from a compact G or comfortable GG to a J cup even though the ribcage measurement is the same. It feels all of my shirts have had 2 inches trimmed off the bottom. I wear a longer undershirt just to avoid flashing belly.

My BP remains on the lower side. I don't feel very bloated anymore so this can't be excess water. My feet swell slightly by the end of the night but this is normal. It's due more to running around in heels for most of the day and not being able to put them up than pregnancy.

Both my mother and my maternal grandmother have slight to medium frames and growth like this never happened to them. As a result they can't give me a heads up about what's going on.

So what gives? Is this normal? If I have this much growth before the baby starts pushing around my insides... wow. 38 weeks may look pretty entertaining on me. What unexpected changes did you face in your body during your pregnancy?


  • annerbonesannerbones Posts: 1,812
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    I was similarly built with my first pregnancy. I had bloating until first trimester ended then things evened out and was replaced with baby.
    Progesterone therapy and baby aspirin daily

    Two miscarriages in between (August 2012 - same donor as Maggie, and December 2014 with husband)
  • scorpiogrl7scorpiogrl7 Posts: 1,386
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    I had the same thing starting around 9 weeks. I think part of it is bloat, and part of it is that your ugerus is pushing everything up and out. Go ahead and bust out the maternity clothes!
  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368
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    H went to maternity pants at eight weeks, and she's built a lot like you.
    Happily, she stayed there for a long time and didnt really "pop" until nearly 30 weeks. She was fairly comfortable all the way to the end.
    Early growth or change doesn't necessarily mean constant increase. You'll be alright.
  • JayJayJayJay Posts: 1,192
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    Your body just changes. At 7 weeks post partum I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight (which is 30 pounds heavier than I like to be but it is where I started) and yet my pre-pregnancy jeans don't fit me. At the same exact weight this makes no sense! But pregnancy just changes out bodies. :-)
  • GoobieGoobie Posts: 3,515
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    Change happens! What you described is exactly what I had every single time. Embrace the fact that you are getting rounder, it is your body making room for your sweet baby, and before you know it you'll actually be showing :)

    Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013. 6th baby, so much love!
  • blkbrd3blkbrd3 Posts: 1,221 ✭✭
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    Thank you all for your feedback and input. I suspect I may find myself struggling more than once if I continue to expect pregnancy to follow a logical and set pattern. For example I reached 11 weeks yesterday and was delighted that morning sickness has been mild and manageable. This morning I was ill for the first time. It was so forceful and violent my nose began to bleed.

    I'll never tempt morning sickness fate again.
  • GoobieGoobie Posts: 3,515
    edited November -1
    LOL, ^^ this, exactly... do not take pregnancy as a straight path to follow, at best it is a meandering wander through the woods, stopping at strange symptoms along the way, missing some entirely, circling back to others over and over again. And just when you think you have it all figured out, it changes again!

    Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013. 6th baby, so much love!
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