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Sperm shipper

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Okay so we are about to start our surro journey. She is in PR and we are in midwest. I know long ways away from each other. Well I have done all the shipping research as far as overnight express with fedex etc. We ship out by 2pm she will get it by 2pm the next day so not bad.

Anyways my ? is this.

We are going to use the NWC sperm shipper then she is going to do a at home insem.
I was wondering

1) what has been the success rate of the shipper and insem actually producing a preg are the sperm still strong and fertile
2) has anyone done this and got preg with out doing the insem cath but just doing the old fashioned big "O" way
3) do you need to wash the sperm once she gets it or can you just insem with out prep of sperm
4) can the sperm be exposed to light and survie ( I heard they die)
5) does the sperm shipper come with the complete insem kit I seen in the description it comes with supplies for insem did not know exactly what that includes

Thank you for helping me with my questions sorry so many this is our first try at surro and insems so crossing fingers it all works out


  • EMG_RELEMG_REL Posts: 2,379
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    1) I don't know the rates, but it happens all the time.
    2) We did that to conceive our first child.
    3) No.
    4) Never heard that before. Many people have insemmed in daylight and with lamps on, so I'm pretty sure that's irrelevant.
    5) The insemination kit needs to be ordered in addition to the sperm vial(s).

    Good luck!

    ETA: Sorry for all of the unuseful information! I misread your situation as asking about the dewar used for frozen donor sperm. I hope you find your answers!
  • caliejonescaliejones Posts: 222
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    Christineoceanlove --- are you asking about shipping fresh super to the surro?
    Most everyone here is using frozen sperm, so you may want to specify what kind of sperm you are trying to ship.
    I don't have any experience with shipping fresh sperm. You can check out known donor registry.com and look up information on shipping fresh sperm if that is your goal. Good luck
  • JayJayJayJay Posts: 1,192
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    I'm assuming you are shipping your husbands sperm to the surrogate? I actually got pregnant via a known donor. He was local for me but most of the women he helped lived out of state and he shipped to them. He had great success with this, and most of them on the first try I believe. No you do not need to wash the sperm - and that is certainly not something she should do at home anyway. You also don't need the catheter, and really shouldn't use it unless the sperm is washed anyway. Think about it this way: inserting fresh sperm near the cervix is exactly how you get pregnant the natural way anyway, ought? It's just the, uh....method of insertion that is different here. Lol. The big "O" is helpful, or at least many believe it is, but not necessary. Sperm can he exposed to light but it hat is certainly not the enviro want they thrive in. You'll want to get them sealed up in the shipper as soon as possible and she will want to insem as soon as he opens it up. I have no idea what the hipper comes with. I think that covers it....good luck!
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