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Positive IVF blogs

Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
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Anyone know of positive ivf blogs? My bff is going down the path of ivf and she keeps reading negative things about it. Or people tell her their horror stories. While I know its tough, I know many of you don't have horror stories, so I thought I'd ask!
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  • aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
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    I only read a really, really depressing IVF blog while trying. It was literally, I think, full of the absolute worst things that could happen to you during an IVF cycle ... It really helped me cope with the idea of failure - as if this woman could handle all of that, I could handle it not working.

    BUT, when I wanted to feel more upbeat, I Googled "first time success IVF." There are always a few naysayers even on those threads, but overall I appreciated reading them when I wanted positive stories. I'd also be happy to speak with her Jen. Is she working with the clinic in Florida?
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  • scorpiogrl7scorpiogrl7 Posts: 1,386
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    I followed/am following several YouTube vloggers. Some of the main ones that come to mind right now:

    IVF Mumma: This lady lives in New Zealand, has the most adorable accent and is refreshingly real. Her husband makes appearances in some of the videos, and he seems like the sweetest guy! She has a toddler son conceived through IVF, and she is currently pregnant with her second, also conceived through IVF. She has PCOS and endured OHSS twice to the point she was hospitalized, had one early mc, but still ended up a mom. She started vlogging at the beginning of her first IVF, and documented everything, including the hospitalizations, the ultrasounds, the drawing up of shots, the pregnancy tests, the betas, the egg retrievals, the pregnancy, etc so there are lots of videos to go through if you go to her channel and start at the very beginning. Lots of information and encouragement to be found on tthat channel.

    invitroexperiment: This woman lives in the southwest (I think) and vlogged her way through two egg reteirvals, a chemical pregnancy, a failed transfer and a successful one. She is currently pregnant with the product of that frozen transfer. She was also very open about her meds, how it put a strain on her relationship with her husband, etc. Also, sometimes her dogs make (unintended) appearances in the videos and they are so funny and adorable!

    There's another one that is good and full of information, but I amgoing to have to look to see what her name/channel is. She flew out of state to do IVF and she was in a "shared donor" program in which she donated half of her eggs to an anonymous recipient at the same time she had her retrieval/transfer. She ended up with a beautiful little girl after the first attempt and I believe she went on to make a few "mommy vlog" videos about cloth diapering, etc.

    If I find more I will edit this to include them. But my suggestion for your friend is to do a search on YouTube.

    ETA: it's dren0951 (the last vlogger I spoke of but couldn't think of her name)
  • Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
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    Thank you both so much for this info!! I will pass it along.

    Apulsa -- yes, she is using the same clinic in FL. Although she is going to one of the miami offices. I will ask her if she wants to talk to someone. Thank you for offering!
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  • kelleymelkelleymel Posts: 1,402
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    This is a blog from a couple who is friends with one of my friends. They ended up with triplets. One of the boys had complications. They start the blog before trying ivf and take you to present day. I think the boys are 3 or 4 now.
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  • Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
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    Thank you Kelleymel!
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  • kittykitty Posts: 146
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    My IVF was a wonderful experience but I don't or didn't blog it...
  • sudhasudha Posts: 2
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    I went to this hospital for IVF treatment http://www.sudhahospitals.com/ivf/fertility-centre-in-chennai and I really had a great experience with them.

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