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Help!!! To cup or not to cup...and advice about timing and preseed

eemabirdeemabird Posts: 74
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Hello! We've got the dewar here and are looking forward to our first insemination *very* soon. I'm used to using Target Up & Up brand and typically ovulate within 12-24 hours of a true positive with this brand. I also have a pack a Clearblue Digitals that I've been using more for confirmation purposes and because seeing the smiley makes me happy, but I used these for the first time last month. I'm certain the Clearblue has a lower trigger because I got a smiley at least a day before I got that true positive with the Up and Ups last month.

So yesterday my lines with the Up and Ups weren't even close to positive and the Clearblue was also negative. This morning, I just a got a smiley with Clearblue and haven't had a chance to test with the Target brand yet. What would you do as far as timing? I was thinking of using the Clearblue as more of an "okay, prepare yourself; you know it's coming soon" benchmark, but using the true positive with the Up and Ups as the basis for timing. Doing the ICI at 8 and 24 hours past, maybe? How does this timing seem to you?

Also, I've done this once before. Well, five times actually; my five year old daughter is was the result of our 5th at home ICI. In those days, I used a plastic tampon applicator to guide the catheter to the right spot (removing the absorbent part first, of course), did the ICI, kept my hips elevated for about 30 minutes and that was it. Recently, I've seen several people on the boards using the cup after the insemination. What are your ideas/experiences with this. Frankly, I'm a little freaked out put anything else in there after the swimmers for fear of messing with what they've got going, but I'm open to trying anything that could maximize our chances.

Also, we never used Preseed before, but have some this time around. Do I just put a very tiny bit in the bottom before the swimmers?

Thanks in advance for your responses! I've found the support and community on this board very encouraging.


  • roma15roma15 Posts: 43
    edited November -1
    i definitely recommend the softcup... but if you haven't practiced with it, it might be tricky. it's a definite plus though, because it keeps the sperm close to the cervix. the preseed is also a plus for IVI/ICI since it will keep the sperm more viable. sometimes our vaginal fluid can actually kill sperm... preseed gives it a lovely environment to live in. :) i use it pretty liberally on the softcup and suction up a bunch of it before i suction up the sperm... it ensures you get everything out of the syringe. good luck!
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