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Home iui success tips

sammi616sammi616 Posts: 17
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Hi, I wanted to know if anyone can share any advice of getting pregnant with home iui. I know the chances are low. But if you had a successful home iui then please share what you story. And also how many cycles it took and tips!


  • kelleymelkelleymel Posts: 1,402
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    We didn't do any IUI's at home. I, personally, think they can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, and my wife and I don't.

    Make sure if you are going to do it at home that you have the right type of sperm (washed) and that you know how to keep everything sterile and how to get past the cervix.
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  • daniandcassiedaniandcassie Posts: 61
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    We haven't done an iui at home but we did a ivi and were successful in conceiving our first child. We imsemed as close to the cervix as possible. Doing an IUI was too scary for us to think about as we didn't have any experience. We used one vial and were extremely lucky to be successful our first attempt.

    The most important thing is timing so buy lots of opks and start temping! Best of luck!
  • FloJoeOreoFloJoeOreo Posts: 17
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    I did a couple of home IUI's by myself, it wasn't that hard. The first time I think I missed the actual ovulation because it was hard to get the catheter in and quite painful. The second time, I practiced ahead of time with the speculum and could really see when my cervix was open and ready. Easy to get the catheter, barely felt it.
    I didn't get pregnant though, turns out I have other fertility issues.
    Good Luck!
  • scifimomscifimom Posts: 1,173
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    I got pregnant on my 4th at home insemination. 3 of those times I did an IUI (including the cycle I conceived my daughter.) Thw first attempt at an IUI was a year prior, so I'm going to not refences that one as I don't really remember how it went.

    I spoke to my obgyn about doing an at home IUI after I had a bfn cycle with IVI insem. My dr didn't not say it was dangerous, he did not recommend not attempting it. What he did say was he thought I would not be able to get the catheter past the cervix as it's not a straight shot. Therefore he recommended going to an RE. Two at home IUI cycles later I was pregnant! I don't know if I got past the cervix into the uterus, however, I like that I knew the sperm was at least far into the cervix!

    I would recommend talking to your obgyn about the procedure. Who knows, your dr might give you tips! After inserting the speculum, I pointed it down to find the cervix back in there. I used a mirror with a stand so I could see In there. And a light but I can't remember how I used it if it shined right into me or into the mirror. Do some searches on here to understand how to prevent air from entering the catheter/syringe. I had the cervix found and ready to go before thawing the vial (which was within reach.) I pressed the catheter to the cervix and if I got resistance, I pulled it out and moved it over slightly, somehow I found the small opening to allow the catheter to slide in! It was pretty easy! I stopped before I felt resistance. Good luck, again, talk to a professional like your obgyn in order to make an informed decision to the safety of an at-home IUI! Then you can rest assured you are doing what is best for you.
  • enbi96enbi96 Posts: 1
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    sammi616 wrote:
    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone can share any advice of getting pregnant with home iui. I know the chances are low. But if you had a successful home iui then please share what you story. And also how many cycles it took and tips!
    Dear Samantha,
    IUI may be homologous (with husband's sperm) or heterologous (donor's sperm).
    I shall concentrate on home homologous IUI which is indicated for unexplained infertility or for moderate husband's infertility.
    - Buy a small bench centrifuge (150/200 us Dollars from China or India, search in the internet)
    - Identify your ovulation day: ovulation occurs 14 days before start of next cycle (if, for example, you have a 29 days cycle on
    average, perform the IUI on cycle day 15. No need for costly ovulation tests, unless you have irregular cycles.
    - Pour the sperm, 30 minutes after ejaculation, in a sterile plastic disposable, 10/15 ml test tube. Put the test-tube in a hole of
    the centrifuge and do not forget to put in the hole in front another test-tube containing water in the same amount as the
    sperm, to balance the centrifuge. Spin 10 minutes at full speed. Remove the sperm containing test tube and check whether a
    small greyish/whitish small pellet has formed at the bottom of the test tube. Carefully turn upside down the test tube in a
    sink/basin, taking care to REMOVE ALL THE LIQUID PART (the supernatant, also called seminal plasma). Gently shake the small
    pellet with the tip of the IUI catheter. Aspirate the pellet from the tip of the catheter and immediately perform the IUI deeply
    If you are not comfortable with the technique, ask your doctor for advice.
    It is a simple, almost no cost technique which may be repeaterd several times. Good luck.

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