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Donor 6714

MomToBe85MomToBe85 Posts: 60
edited April 2014 in Trying to Conceive
Hi everyone. I have pics of Donor 6714. Has anyone had any success with this donor? I see that he does have pregnancies.


  • Charlyn13Charlyn13 Posts: 10
    edited November -1
    I tried 3x w/no success. He did have decent post wash numbers though

    1 try Jan 14--collected Feb 12. Post wash total fast sperm 3.40mil
    2 try Feb 14- collected Feb 12. Post wash total fast sperm 4.08mil
    3 try Mar 14-collected Sep 11. Post wash total fast sperm 2.58mil
  • MomToBe85MomToBe85 Posts: 60
    edited November -1
    Thank you so much for the response Charlyn13. We decided on a different donor.
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