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Potandlid, I have a question

scifimomscifimom Posts: 1,173
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Hi potandlid. I saw you post on another thread that your re suggested that one well timed vial is all that is needed. Would you be willing to share what your timing was for your bfp? How many hours post +opk was your IUI performed? Which opks did you use? And/or did your dr do something else, like an ultrasound , to determine what would be good timing for you? Thanks for any details. I conceived my daughter on the cycle that I coped the protocol my friend did with her RE. I'm thinking maybe your protocol will be helpful, too. Thanks! Or you can pm me if you prefer. :)


  • PotandlidPotandlid Posts: 350
    edited November -1
    Sure! I'm not saying I know all but I'm a firm believer in not over thinking things (my excuse for having no filter when I speak and not always getting along with others :) ).

    Here's our story:
    We tried 3 ici rounds (two vials) and 3 IUI rounds (1 vial) at home. Our hope was to go through a doctor sooner but scheduling errors and blizzards made that impossible. I got pregnant our first doctor performed IUI (unmedicated). The opening from my cervix to my uterus is tilted at an odd angle. This means my partner could never fully get the cath in my uterus because she worried about hurting me. The doctor twisted her (better) cath a few degrees and we were golden.

    She was also big on not overthinking it. I asked MANY times if we should be more concerned about timing and she said no, unless you have "real" proof that you ovulate early or late stop worrying. I got my positive opk around 10am (on New Year's Day so after MANY drinks New Year's Eve) and inseminated the next day around noon. I used both a clear blue digital smiley test and a standard two line opk. Both were from a box of supplies I bought from a woman on the forum so I'm not sure the opk brand or how old they were. No testing was done. My doc didn't even do a pap before inseminating- the insemination was my first "pants off" appointment with her.

    I'm not saying my experience was right- just that it worked for us. IMO, I think we wasted money trying at home, especially because the insemination was less than a vial of sperm. That's a moot point though and other folks have different access to different healthcare options.

    On 7 dpi I knew something was up. I felt really crampy for a short period of time. My partner and I went out and had steak, my first in 8ish years. If you ask her it was the steak that did it.
    August arrived 10/2/14.

    Follow our journey at: www.potandlidmakekid.wordpress.com
  • scifimomscifimom Posts: 1,173
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    I really appreciate your response. I was suprised to discover what my friend did with her RE. She just took smiley tests and went in to get an IUI at about 20 hours post smile. So, I did the same thing at-home (and with a little bit of clomid) and two months later I conceived my daughter. I'm trying to take the stance that unless I know otherwise, I'm in the normal range and I will get pregnant with #2 soon enough. All the extra stuff is great if it's needed but it's always nice to have reassurance since I got my first bfn this month.

    I wasn't able to go to an re. with #1 because I was still legally married, but it's something I can consider now. I think I'm going to continue at home for now. Thanks again.
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