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The Houston'sThe Houston's Posts: 10
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Hi I am new!

I wanted to hear anyone's success story with actual natural IUI. I see a lot of people taking medications even when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them just to get a "leg up". Our RE just wants us to do the trigger shot for better timing so that's the only "meds" we will be using right now. This will be out first IUI but 4th time trying all together.

Thanx in advance!


  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368
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    We both got pregnant on natural iui at home.
  • The Houston'sThe Houston's Posts: 10
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    That's great! I hope I have the same luck!
  • katelmkatelm Posts: 268
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    We did 2 IUIs at the doctor's office, one with no meds at all, one with a trigger shot. I always ovulate on my own and have no identified fertility issues, so we didn't want to jump to meds at that point. BFNs for me, but I guess my eggs were just holding out on us. ;) Good luck!
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  • The Houston'sThe Houston's Posts: 10
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    Thank you, we may give drugs a try if nothing seems to be working.
  • scifimomscifimom Posts: 1,173
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    For my daughter, I did use 50 mg clomid for only three days. I did an at-home IUI with one IVF vial in IUI format. That was my fourth time trying with frozen sperm. For my present pregnancy, I used no meds and used one regular IUI vial and deposited it outside the cervix. I couldn't seem to find my cervix because it's all different up there post-baby, lol.
  • michelle.malottmichelle.malott Posts: 107
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    I got pregnant on the second try, both tries unmedicated and at home. We are about to try for #2, hopefully it will be as easy as it was before!
  • emlklg444emlklg444 Posts: 645
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    we also got pregnant our 1st attempt IUI at home, natural/unmedicated
    1st daughter born 9/26/2013 (bfp 2nd attempt at home ICI)
    2nd daughter born 3/8/2016 (bfp after 7 attempts at home ICI, 2 miscarriages, 1 D&C)
    age 36 evtim8.png
    age 39 K8qxm7.png
  • The Houston'sThe Houston's Posts: 10
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    Wow that is great! This gives us hope!
  • piewacketkittypiewacketkitty Posts: 96
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    First try home IUI with 2 vials of IUI no meds and I had her at home too with a midwife, so whole thing was at home
  • The Houston'sThe Houston's Posts: 10
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    Wow ok. We only did 1 vial but we were also timed.
  • SC2ttcSC2ttc Posts: 32
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    Our first try we did at home insemination 1 ici vial and 2 iui vials. No meds. We did use preseed but other than that all natural and got pregnant our first time.
  • beyondobsessedbeyondobsessed Posts: 804
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    My story is similar to yours - 3 unsuccessful attempts (ICIs at home), then the 4th try was an IUI with trigger only (no other meds). That did the trick! :)
  • The Houston'sThe Houston's Posts: 10
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    SC2ttc congrats!! And Beyondobsessed I am hope it works for us also. I am currently 10dpiui and made the mistake to testing yesterday and of course got a BFN. But I hope the when I got for my beta testing on July 14th I get a positive!!
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