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New Here - How Did You Choose a Donor?

coteamykcoteamyk Posts: 58
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My wife and I are brand-new to this and finding it very difficult to choose a donor. We feel very uncomfortable having no idea what these men look like. I am not a shallow person, but I think it's fair to say that most people if given the choice, would like to have a child with someone that they would deem physically attractive. 5'11", blonde hair, and blue eyes just doesn't tell us much.

Some of the banks offer baby photos, but I just think in many cases grownups look nothing like they did when they were a baby. Most babies are cute by nature and some of them grow up to be not-so-cute adults. Only one bank that I know of offers adult photos and they are very expensive. We would just like to have a better visual of this guys actual features.

We were wondering if there is a post here somewhere where people show photos of their kids and say the donor they used? Or is this taboo for some reason? (Other than the fact that some people prefer to keep such things private).

Thanks for any help or advice in advance!
Amy (33) & Morgan (29)
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  • SC2ttcSC2ttc Posts: 32
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    They do a photo match. We sent my wife's picture in and they sent us a list with the donors that matched her features the closest. We also got the long profile where the employees put their opinions of the donor in. They tend to write in if they think the donor is attractive. Plus there is a bit more info in the long profiles. So hopefully that may be a little helpful.
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