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Timing question

Ejsweet30Ejsweet30 Posts: 4
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
I know there are tons of these questions and I have searched for an answer but it is overwhelming.

I got my solid smiley this morning (YAY! after 9 days of flashy I thought it would never happen). I then did a regular ovulation test at 11:30ish and it was positive. I just took another ovulation test and it is negative. When should I inseminate?


  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    How old are you? Do you temp?
    Know when after opk you usually ovulate?

    Standard is 24hrs, and people tweak it from there, so your first guess could be then.
  • leahleah Posts: 228
    edited November -1
    If you are just using one vial, then I guess 24hrs past +opk would be a good guess for the beginning. Unless you have more info from your soon after the + does your temperature usually rises?
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