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Hi!! With Pictures!

GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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It has been a while since I have posted on here. I am friends with most on Facebook so I am able to keep up with some.
Life with a 16 month old is wonderful and tiring!!
I am 43 and loving every minute I run after my very active daughter. I am going to have surgery sometime soon for my hernia that was bc of my C-section. I am losing weight and the doctor agrees it would be better for me to have surgery when I weigh a little less.
Ayla is busy, busy, busy! She can run and climb and doesn't stop! She is a very sweet person and loves to kiss and hug. She will go up to every little kid she sees and hug them!
She is jabbering away and can say words, but seems to like her own language a little better LOL.
She is starting to point at me as say loudly "MAMA MAMA" and then when Mom is not home and is at work she will point to the door and say "MOM MOM MOM" so it is so cute she knows the difference!!
She can blow kisses and when she is real excited she will put both hands to her mouth (just think of a drag queen with exaggerated expression and that's her!! LOL)
She says: Mama, Mom, Bye, Hey, Hi, thank you, Pup pup, kit kat, shoes, here ya go, ball, bellybutton
Of course the words shoes, ball and bellybutton are not so clear but it's the same word all the times.
I might be missing a few. I was a little worried about how many words she was saying, but she is always "talking" so maybe I'm not understanding it that well.
Her motor skills are great. She can pick up a crayon and scribble good. And she loves to run, she has been walking since a week before she turned 10 months old.excited_zps1f5dece3.jpgcarousel_zps296ade6d.jpgbiggirl_zps39032351.jpg


  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368 ✭✭
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    She's adorable! Thanks for the check in!
  • ZenZen Posts: 2,942
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    Love the update -- and the pictures too!!
  • aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
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    Whoa!! She's sooooo big!!

    Thanks for checking in. :)
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  • babybabybabybaby Posts: 1,564
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    love seeing pics of little A! :) sounds like she has a great vocabulary, too!
  • EMG_RELEMG_REL Posts: 2,379
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    Hi, happy girl! Glad she's doing well!
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