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dharveydharvey Posts: 8
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I had my first unmedicated IUI on 8/23... AF showed up this morning :(

I am thinking that we had the procedure too early. Our clinic advised me to call on the day I get the smiley face, and to schedule the IUI that day. Is this too early? Our nurse said that the sperm will live for a few days, but after some research I know that this is not the case with frozen sperm.

We are trying again this month, and I want to make sure our timing is right. Should we have waited a day (or longer?) after the smiley face?

Like I said, this was our first try and we are pretty new to all of this. Thanks for your help!



  • keepingfaithkeepingfaith Posts: 104 ✭✭
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    Do you normally feel your ovulation? When we did mine based on OPK, our clinic would have us go in 18-36 hours after smiley. I would get strong O pain normally 30 hours past Ovualation and a few hours after IUI as I normally opted for 24-26 hours.

    I just got AF this AM too and feel like our timing was all wrong but we did a trigger shot for the first time.
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  • ShannyShanny Posts: 2,456
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    I think 24 hours is pretty standard for iui without trigger. I did 2 iui - one at 4 hours past + and one 24 hours after that. I'll never know if it was smart or an unnecessary expense but obviously I wouldn't change anything!
  • dharveydharvey Posts: 8
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    I don't think I've had O pain before. I think I will start temping/charting this month and maybe that will help me out a little more. As far as I know I have no fertility issues and I'm 27 so we are lucky to be in this position. My hubby has azoospermia (0 sperm) so we have chosen the donor sperm route.

    Unfortunately my IUI was painful I think due to my cervix being closed (they had to clamp it to put the catheter in) Maybe that's another sign timing was off?
  • EMG_RELEMG_REL Posts: 2,379
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    Do you have an idea of when you ovulate in relation to your smiley? For some women, the same day might work, but I think most have success closer to 24 hours after smiley. Without a trigger, I got pregnant from an IUI at about 48 hours after my smiley (but lost it very early); with a trigger, I got pregnant from an IUI 37 hours after the shot. But I know there are women here who used charting to discover that they needed to inseminate much closer to the +OPK. Good luck!
  • MNmommasMNmommas Posts: 1,081
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    Generally speaking, for a 27 year old the best time would be around 36 hours after your surge or slightly later. The younger you are (again, generally speaking), the later you'll ovulate after your surge. If you're just doing one IUI, you probably want to watch your ovulation signs (cervical mucus and position/openness of cervix) and/or insem closer to 36 hours or slightly later.
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  • coteamykcoteamyk Posts: 58
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    I'm sorry about AF (hugs)

    I had back to b2b IUIs on the 23rd/24th. I got my first smiley OPK on the 21st (at 10pm). The RE gave me my trigger at 2pm on the 22nd, then the first IUI at 9am on the 23rd, second at 10am on the 24th. I wasn't charting this cycle, but I know I hadn't ovulated at the time of the trigger because they did an ultrasound first to measure my follicles. However, I was surprised by that because I usually ovulate the same day as my first positive OPK. So I'm guessing I probably ovulated overnight on the 22nd? AF was due today, but she won't come because I'm on Crinone. So far I've gotten all BFNs on hpt's (been testing since 10dpi). So I felt like the timing was perfect...but I guess not. :(

    I can't figure any of it out anymore and sometimes I feel like even the doctors are just shooting in the dark. All of our bodies are so different, can there even be a "standard" for timing?
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