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cheyangel19cheyangel19 Posts: 44
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
OOOOOOOOOOOOOk, I apologize in advance if this sounds ridiculously stupid to anyone (and is really long), but i have a few questions. I just completed my first IUI at home on 10/12/14. I actually ordered 3 vials of IUI washed sperm from my donor & completed 3 inseminations. I tracked my cycle for over a year using two different apps on my phone & checking my cervical position and CM. Last month I took OPK tests to make sure that the apps were actually in line with my cycle and they seemed pretty accurate for me.

I did my first insemination at midnight on 10/12/14 (CD 11) my cervix didn't seem that high (I read somewhere it should be high during ovulation), but I got a positive OPK and had clear (thin) EWCM, so I went ahead and inseminated. The next day I felt really crampy and bloated. (I googled this and it said it was a common side affect of insemination.)

Originally I had planned to inseminate at 12, 24 & 36 hours after my first positive OPK, but the first test took nearly 10 minutes to show a positive & wasn't really dark, so I decided to wait a little longer to do the second insemination. (It seemed pretty early in my cycle, but I am not completely sure what cycle day I usually ovulate. I was afraid I had jumped the gun a bit & inseminated too early.)

Second insemination was at Midnight on 10/13/14 (CD 12) cervix was higher up & further back and I had a lot of thin clear EWCM. Positive OPK still took several minutes to show positive, but it was darker than the first test so I inseminated.

My third insemination was at 9:30 am on 10/13/14. Positive OPK & it took a little while for results.

The day after my third insemination I felt really badly bloated (worst I have ever been), nauseated all day, sooooo EXHAUSTED and felt like I was dragging, horrible back ache, mild cramping, and now I have had a mild (but constant and severely annoying!!!) headache for 2 days now. Honestly, if I didn't know for sure I wasn't already pregnant before insimination (or if this wasn't my first one I would almost swear I was pregnant.) The nausea hit me again this morning & came in waves through out the day. I didn't take any trigger hormones and I know it is waaayyyy to early to have pregnancy symptoms if I am infact pregnant. Has anyone else had experienced any of this? Or am I just CRAZYand it'sall in my head?!?

So yesterday (10/15/14) I took another OPK just for the heck of it & got a BFP IMMEDIATELY (a very dark one too!) What the heck?!? My CM is thick & sticky like I have already ovulated, so why am I still getting a positive OPK? Does the positive stop DURING or AFTER ovulation?

I am really anxious about this now, it is driving me crazy! I am now in my TWW, so that doesn't make it any less nerve-wrecking. I checked my cervix again tonight and it is still high and my CM is now white and thicker, kind of sticky. What should CM look like right after ovulation? What does it look like when you first become pregnant?

Again, I am sorry for all of this. I am just really nervous/excited/NERVOUS and confused.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


  • RedHeatherRedHeather Posts: 598 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    The ovulation predictor tests are designed to catch the very beginning of the LH surge, so it makes sense that it would continue to get darker for the following day or 2. The general recommendation is to go by the first positive and not continue testing afterwards. When the surge begins is the most important indicator -- not how long the surge lasts.
  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Okay, so, several things..
    One, it's WAY too early for any sort of symptoms. Most likely you're getting a cold or the flu or something.
    Two, just because there's a line on the OPK does not mean it's positive. It's not like pregnancy tests where a line means positive no mater the shade. The lines has to be as dark as or darker than the control line for it to be positive. Any lighter shade, or something that appears after the three minutes, is negative. It sounds like you truly got your positive OPK on the 15th, not before. As I had said in a post yesterday, I get ewcm about three days before I ovulate, then again on the day of. You can have a little bit more cm the day after.
    I'm wondering if all of those symptoms you noted were actually a really strong ovulation. It's definitely possible for all those inseminations to result in a pregnancy by being there before the egg drops, so don't count yourself out. It's hard to guess and figure out in the moment, but hopefully this one will be the awesome perfect cycle for you!
    Good luck!
  • cheyangel19cheyangel19 Posts: 44
    edited November -1
    Thanks, ladies. Like I said, I am still really new at all of this and I learn something new every day. My fingers are crossed it will work this time. But if not, I have definitely figured out a few things that should make the second round a little easier & more accrurate to timing. (Hopefully!)
  • kristine403kristine403 Posts: 75
    edited November -1
    Hi, let me share here with you I've been using to track my ovulation period and it has helped me a lot. If you are on TTC follow the first day of your ovulation to conceive faster, good luck.
  • cheyangel19cheyangel19 Posts: 44
    edited November -1
    First of all, that site is really neat! The bad news is that according to my information entered on that site, I shouldn't ovulate until today (10/17/14.) The good news is that (according to that anyway) even though I probably inseminated, according to their calculations I inseminated during the peak time to conceive a baby girl. (Which I will GLADLY accept! :o) Only downfall there is that I used washed IUI sperm & they do not live as long. I am sure those calculations were set with fresh sperm. But....I guess only time will tell for sure. Prayers & patience during the longest two weeks of my life. LOL.
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