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"At least I'm not broken"

2ladiezinlove2ladiezinlove Posts: 73
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Hi there! It's been a while since I made my last post. It has been two years since we made the decision to have a baby to have our first try. I've had to switch insurance due to my partner's company kicking me off since I'm a working spouse. So that was a setback.

I was finally diagnosed with PCOS. I have always had very irregular periods...some years I had only 4-5 cycles per year if that.

This month my gyne prescribed Provera to induce my cycle. I took 50 mg of Clomid days 5-9 and went in for my initial ultrasound on day 12. My gyne and main nurse were out of the office so I was left in the poor hands of a messy ultrasound tech who diagnosed me with 3 different things...which she technically wasn't suppose to do. She stated I had past my window and needed to ship my specimens back. I pushed back and was able to see my doctor Wed CD. Not only was the last lady wrong but I was responding to the Clomid and my follicles had moved from 9mm to 18mm. I looked at my partner and said "I'm not broken after all." After I said it I felt silly but it was coming from a place of darkness as I had lost hope as of the last appointment. This lady quite frankly had scared me straight. My gyne is so supportive but she left me in the worst care. She however made up for that experience and told me I indeed was responding and both my lining and follicles were looking good.

I went home and for the first time EVER I got a positive OPK. I had inseminated the day before and now the day of. I used one IUI vial Tuesday and 2 IUI vial yesterday. We used the Stork OTC. I am now just waiting!
TTC #1 10/2014- ????
TTC #1 Oct 2014 Medicated At home ICI BFN/ TTC #1 Dec 2014 Medicated at home ICI BFN/TTC #1 Jan 2015 Medicated at home ICI BFN/TTC #1 March 2015 Medicated at home ICI BFN/TTC #1 April 2015 Medicated at home ICI BFN/TTC #1/June 2015 Medicated at home ICI BFN/TTC #1 July 2015 non medicated at home ICI BFN/TTC #1 Aug 2015 non medicated at home ICI BFN/TTC #1 Oct 2015 non medicated at home ICI BFN/. TTC #1 May 2016 IVF-FET BFP


  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368 ✭✭
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    Wow! What a nightmare! I'm so glad your doctor was able to help after that awful experience!
  • kristine403kristine403 Posts: 75
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    Hi, I am glad to hear that the doctor has helped you. If you get a positive result, let me share here with you a site you can use to calculate your due date, cheers. http://www.babyduedatecalculator.net/
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