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Timing Insem - help!

WindyCityMommasWindyCityMommas Posts: 8
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Hi everyone!

I have a quick question. We are struggling with figuring out an insem timetable for this upcoming cycle. This is our first try (eek!).

We have charted two cycles so far. Cycle 1, there was no clear temp shift but FF gave me crosshairs 2 days post LH surge on CD 15. Cycle 2 there was a clear temp shift, but I never got a + OPK.... but CM tracking shows that crosshairs happened (likely) 2 days post LH surge on CD 18.

We have three vials. Do we insem at +OPK so we don't miss the surge in case O happens shortly after, and then insem a second time at 24 hours, and a third time at 36 hours (or 48 hours???)

Or do we just wait and insem 12 hours post surge and then again 24 hrs later? My fear is that O might happen immediately and we'll miss it altogether if we wait too long post surge.

TTC our first in February! Me: 25 DP: 24


  • 2mommies2Kendon2mommies2Kendon Posts: 141
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    It's going to completely depend on your body and your own ovulation.... Pinpointing my wife's ovulation has been really tricky.... However, the earliest we've ever insemed was 6 hours past +OPK, and that was way too early, as we discovered her temp didn't shift until almost 2 days later! We are now more attuned to her signs and know that her temp shift takes a bit longer, but it really is different for everyone! If you are using 3 vials, you could always do one early early (6 hours?) one at 18, and one at 36? Just a thought!
  • islandgalislandgal Posts: 71
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    O doesn't happen from at least 12-36 hrs post start of surge. My specialist didn't get me in for24 hrs post start of surge and I ovulated 6 hrs post iui..which I knew as was medicated cycle and painful O. However I got to do blood tests to monitor for O which made it easier to monitor. Remember egg has 24 hrs as well so you want to be as close before O as possible. Good luck.
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