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What to pay teenagers for moving help

roses25roses25 Posts: 567
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Hi Everyone,

I'm going to ask a couple of my high school students plus one adult to help move our stuff to our new house...Plus I'll help. I'll have a uhaul and they won't have to provide any supplies. I'm guessing it won't take more than an hour or two as I'm only needing them to move my big stuff: a few refrigerators, freezer, bunk bed, washer, dryer, a mattress/box springs, and living room furniture. How much would you suggest paying each per hour? If it helps I could hire two hours of professional moving service (including two men) for $130 total. I've almost thought about going that route. However, I'm obviously wanting to hire high school students to save money, and I know they always enjoy having some extra money.



  • ZenZen Posts: 2,942
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    I was thinking a flat rate of $50 each. You might be able to pay less but moving appliances is heavy work!
  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
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    My son and his friend just got $10/hr each to help move...If it is going to take a while I would offer beverages and snacks or lunch.
  • MNmommasMNmommas Posts: 1,081
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    You'd be better off hiring professional movers. Professional movers have insurance, so if they happen to damage any of your appliances or furniture during the move, it's covered. Not only that, but they will have the right "tools" (straps, dollies, etc) and know-how to help safely move the heavy stuff without scratching floors, banging up doorways, & injuring themselves. If it were just regular boxes of stuff, I'd say go with the high schoolers, but large appliances & large furniture warrant the professionals - otherwise you might end up paying a lot more in the long run.
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  • TheOtherLovingMomsTheOtherLovingMoms Posts: 1,481 ✭✭
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    Hire the professional movers.
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  • ShannyShanny Posts: 2,456
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    Movers insurance is actually a joke if something does get damaged or broken. But I still agree to hire the pros for this. You won't save enough to make it worth it, it will take them at least twice as long and you will have no guarantees they show up and finish the job.
  • melmel Posts: 793
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    Those are really, really heavy things. I would hire professionals. For the amount you should pay to make it worth it for that work, you won't save much by hiring high school kids. I would also worry with so many heavy things that someone could get injured. It doesn't take much and then you'd have a much bigger problem than an extra $30 or so.

    I'm moving this month and I only WISH I could find movers for $130/2 hours. They are more like $135 per hour here!
  • GerogeKellyGerogeKelly Posts: 1

    Yes, don't think about money in such cases because your main purpose at that moment is to shift everything safely which can't be done without using moving boxes and hiring professional moving experts.

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