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ICI vs IUI at home? Best way to track cycle? Help! Newbie here!

alinalotusalinalotus Posts: 15
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I have been reading through several posts on the forum and it seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to the BFP. Is IUI really that much more successful than ICI, and is it easy/safe to perform at home? We want to have the best chance, and are thinking of ordering one vial a cycle because of financial reasons. Also I am a complete newbie at this! What is the best way to track your cycle?

Thanks for all the advice!!!


  • michelle.malottmichelle.malott Posts: 107
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    I tracked my cycle using a free iPhone app, p-tracker lite. We got pregnant doing at home iui, just watched some youtube videos on it and went for it!
  • emlklg444emlklg444 Posts: 645
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    Just based on all of our past attempts... we've only been successful at home using IUI vials. Might be just coincidence. But there's plenty of ladies successful with ICI. We've decided to try a few times with ICI & see what happens... seems like every vial is different, in terms of how many millions of sperm there are & if most can survive the thaw. What I've read (mostly Internet searches) is that ICI sperm survive longer once thawed. Good luck!
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  • 2texasmoms2texasmoms Posts: 296
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    I was successful with ICI vials. We had tried with IUI vials (still doing ICI insemination) the month before...but I think our timing was off that month, so that's why we got a BFN. For #2 we currently have 3 of each type of vial in storage, and will be trying first with 1 IUI vial (again, we still just do ICI procedure).
  • hoping4number2hoping4number2 Posts: 321
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    If you feel that you really truly know the time of ovulation (accurately enough to narrow it down to a few possible hours) IUI is likely a great option.

    If you are doing a trigger, for example, IUI seems to be great because you will ovulate pretty reliably at a specific time or close to it. If you have difficulty pinpointing the time of ovulation, I would say ICI or one of each. ICI live longer, so it covers a longer timespan. IUI is in the uterus, so closer to the egg if timed perfectly! Definitely personal preference I believe.

    I just got a BFP today using ICI.
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  • alinalotusalinalotus Posts: 15
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    thanks everybody- I can't tell you how much your advice means! I am definitely the sort of person who overthinks every little thing, and I know that's not going to help us when we TTC #2. I need to be more calm and positive about the whole thing....I have to remind myself that this happens to people every day! It IS possible and it CAN happen to me and if I have hope and do everything possible, great things will happen!
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