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Introduce Yourself :)



  • msv1984msv1984 Posts: 4
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    Hi I'm Melinda. My partner and I plan on TTC this summer. We were going to use Midwest but they shut down. I'm looking for info and feedback for this cyrobank.
  • chicky4250chicky4250 Posts: 101
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    Hi my name is Katie and I am married to my wonderful hubby John, we have 3 children ages 7(almost 8) and I have twins that are 5 will be 6 in August, and have been married almost 9 years :) Our 3 children are ours biologically, my dh was dx with cancer in 2005 when my twins were 4 months old, he had a bone marrow transplant in 2007 and is now sterile from the chemo, we both want another child we were using midwest and were succesfull but that pregnancy ended at 10 weeks from a m/c that led to a d&c in november and then 2 chemicals after that :( Since Midwest closed, I found this board thankfully! I just mailed off all my forms so hopefully i will get my order in the next week or so we plan to do 1 iui vial and 1 ici vial for my next cycle in May i should have AF around may 6th. Good luck to you all!
    Mama to Macky 6/03 and Boy/Girl Twins J.R. 8/05 and Ellie 8/05
    IUI #1 9/21/10 M/C Turner's Syndrome,IUI #2 1/24/11 chemical
    IUI #3 3/28/11 chemical clomid,IUI #4 6/28 chemical clomid
    IUI #5 7/29/11 BFN clomid,IUI #6 11/23/11(ICI Vial), 11/24(IUI Vial)Clomid chemical
    IUI #7 12/24/11 (IUI Vial) 12/25(ICI Vial)BFN,IUI #8 1/23/12(iui vial) 1/24(iui vial) chemical
    IUI#9 4/23/12(IUI Vial) and 4/24/12(ICI vial)chemical,IUI#10 IUI Vial 3/19/13 and IUI Vial 3/20/13 Test Date: 4/5/2013
  • NikkidmNikkidm Posts: 77
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    Hi all! I guess I should stop lurking and introduce myself. I'm Nikki, a 37 year old divorced mom of four. I am trying to have a last child and cringing when I read all the doom and gloom articles about conceiving over 35. I got pregnant two years ago and had a traumatic miscarriage. After that, I just wasn't mentally ready to try again. I've always had first-time luck with getting pregnant but this time is different. I'm nearly at the end of my third donor sperm cycle and no luck. I'm trying to stay positive and hope that it's just taking me longer because I'm older now. I'm taking a ton of vitamins and herbs and thinking of trying clomid in June after one more cycle without meds. My gyn doctor laughs at me when I say I think I might be too old. He says the exact opposite of what I read on the Internet. My friend's hairstylist, just had a healthy little girl without trying at 43, but of course, every woman is different.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone!

  • 2Moms2B2Moms2B Posts: 4
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    Greetings! My name is Jess (31) and my wife is Cynthia (29). We started TTC September of last year. We did four inseminations (with another bank) without success so we decided to take a break. When we were ready to start trying again, we found out our bank closed. We did some research and come to NW. Our first delivery was last week and we did our first insemination on 4/30. Now we wait. Fingers are crossed for positive! :-)
  • stephinpdxstephinpdx Posts: 11
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    Hi everyone,
    I've been lurking for a couple weeks and wanted to introduce myself. My wife (25) and I (32) are TTC our first baby. I will (hopefully) be carrying. We are using a known donor and have done 2 cycles already and are getting ready to start #3 in about a week and a half.

    The first cycle was just to get the hang of things (and we ended up doing 5 insems because we were thrown off in the timing!) and the second cycle was more together. I'm really hoping for that "third time's a charm" luck this month!
  • RavenRaven Posts: 1
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    Hi everyone! I'm Raven, single and I've been reading the forums for a while but just registered. I've been actively trying for off and on for a year -- I've done a couple of medicated IUIs, one IVF, and a few at-home AIs with donor sperm.

    Good luck and baby dust to all!
  • CRWHNW0909CRWHNW0909 Posts: 599
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    Hello. My partner and I have been TTC since April but was a BFN. We missed the window for an IUI this month but will try one more time in June with the assistance of a specialist before going the route of an at home insemination. I wish I would have come upon this site a week before ordering our sample from another provider and having it shipped to our Doctors office. I find this forum to be very helpful and informative and I look forward to chatting with you ladies.
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  • HeidiannrHeidiannr Posts: 46
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    Hi all! I actually posted a question last week, and I am so grateful for the responses I received, but I thought I should officially introduce myself as well. My name is Heidi and I am a 37 yr. old (38 in August) SMBC. I placed my first order for shipment next Friday, so I am a bit nervous about trying this whole process at home this month, but I am excited too. The information all of you have shared in these posts has gone a long way to settling my nerves quite a bit and reassuring me that this is what I want to do. So thanks!
    ICI #1 - 5/16/11, BFN. Trying again in the fall.
  • kopykat451kopykat451 Posts: 95
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    My name is Katie (21) and my husband is Danny (29). He's my betterr half and definitely my soul mate. We want to have children before he gets much older and many of the women in my family have had to have hysterectomy by the age of 24 due to various health reasons. We're currently trying to find a donor and budget in the cost since we're both full time students finishing up our degrees in the next year. At least until he goes on to grad school. I'm ecstatic to be trying and terrified all at the same time. I know my family won't react well because they'll say I'm too young but I don't want to miss out on the chance of carrying my child and experiencing that miracle. I've always wanted to be a mother from a young age and now I finally get my chance!
    Wife of OneSmallStep
    TTC #1 First Time trying 5/16/2011 and BFP; TTC #2 November, 2012
  • candibonboncandibonbon Posts: 1
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    Hello all!!!! I have been actively reading this board for a couple of months now and have finally decided to introduce myself and my partner. We stumbled upon NW cryo after hearing months ago how expensive IVF could be and after doing research found that we were able to simply order and attempt to conceive from our home. My name is Bonnie (25) and my partner's name is Shorty (28). We together have created a home filled with happiness, love and laughter as we raise our 11 year old daughter and hopefully will be welcoming a new addition. I look forward to joining this community as I have found it very supportive so far.

  • OneSmallStepOneSmallStep Posts: 1,685
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    Hello, I'm Danny, my wife and soul mate is kopykat451. We are here due to a birth defect on my part. It's something I've known about most of my life so I've had lots of time to adjust to knowing this would be how we'd have children. I see most of y'all on this board are female, but I hope you don't mind me coming in and joining in as well. I'm excited to start this process and hopeful that we will be able to conceive. I know I was born to be a Dad and look forward to all the ups and downs that come with it. :-D
    kopykat451 wrote:
    My name is Katie (21) and my husband is Danny (29). He's my betterr half and definitely my soul mate. We want to have children before he gets much older and many of the women in my family have had to have hysterectomy by the age of 24 due to various health reasons. We're currently trying to find a donor and budget in the cost since we're both full time students finishing up our degrees in the next year. At least until he goes on to grad school. I'm ecstatic to be trying and terrified all at the same time. I know my family won't react well because they'll say I'm too young but I don't want to miss out on the chance of carrying my child and experiencing that miracle. I've always wanted to be a mother from a young age and now I finally get my chance!
    Hubby of kopykat451
    TTC #1 5/16/11 = BFP 14 DPI / TTC #2 11/16/12 = No O; 4/12/13= BFN; 6/9/13 = BFP!! (11 DPI) - MC 5wk5dys / TTC#3 3 BFN's and 4th try 10/21/13 = BFP!!!! (Squinter at 10dpi!)
  • MarserinMarserin Posts: 135
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    Greetings! I am Erin and my DP is Anneliese. I am a theological librarian, and she works for a company that provides jobs for disabled individuals. We are trying our first cycle of IUI next week. I will be carrying. So nervous. I am hoping spending time here will give me a place to talk about all of my crazy nerves.
  • graceinflgraceinfl Posts: 1,743
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    Hi all! I am almost 41 with a 20 year old daughter. I will be a SMBC as I want a baby for myself and not have to share with someone on a visitation schedule. My grandson was recently born and I had shelved the baby idea for myself once they told me they were having a baby. I thought long and hard about this decision over the past 9 months and since he was born, my desire to have another baby has only intensified. I teach college classes so I will (hopefully) get to plan a pregnancy around semesters.
  • SMBCSMBC Posts: 13
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    Hi everyone.....well I just joined this site yesterday and purchased my first home AI donations! Very excited and terribly nervous! I have been reading your site extensively to learn everything I possibly can. I think you are a wonderful group of women! I have chosen to be become a SMBC as I was previously engaged and found out my fiancé was cheating on me with two other women, 1 of the women I found out about while at work as he was boasting his conquest to other doc's at our hospital that we work together at and the other gal I found out much later by accident! So here I am! I have currently given up on trying to find Mr. Right and being 37, turning 38 very soon, I have decided to do this on my own. I do have the support of my family and the friends that are close to me, those that objected I am no longer friends with! So ladies, I am writing to you for your expertise and personal experiences, as I have a few questions. I have been using the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor for a couple of months to track my ovulation as well as keeping track of my CM. I haven't consistently been taking my temp as I work inconsistent hrs. My question is....I noticed in alot of forum's it has been mentioned to AI post +opk, so if I am using the monitor would this be the day when I have 3 bars showing with the little egg at the top? Ihave noticed that my CM is consistent with this timing. I apologize if this sounds silly as my area of expertise is cardiac and it has been along time since I have dealt with this. thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help me out! Wishing you all the best in making your dreams come true!
  • HeidiannrHeidiannr Posts: 46
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    Hi SMBC! I am also 37, turning 38 in August, and a SMBC. I'm sorry to hear about your heartache leading you to this point, but knowing friends in bad marriages, it sounds like you are probably better off in the long run. It is still horrible that he treated you that way though. As for your questions about the process, I am new at all of this myself and still figuring everything out, so I have no answers, but I have found the forum very helpful. You might want to post your questions separately as a new post on the main board, as I think they might get more of a response there. Best of luck to you as you begin this exciting journey!

    ICI #1 - 5/16/11, BFN. Trying again in the fall.
  • TiffandTayeTiffandTaye Posts: 104
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    I have finally decided to join the forum after lurking around for months. My partner and I have been together for 5 years this July. We recently decided (Jan) that we are ready to become parents. Better yet she recently decided, I decided years ago. We are looking to begin in August or September, I'm in a wedding in two months and thought I would wait until all that stress was over. I look forward to sharing our story and getting to know others.
    #1 10/2012: BFP!
  • paul parkerpaul parker Posts: 1
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    Hi friends ,
    My name is Paul .I am new to this forum.
    Nice to meet all friends here .I just join this forum due to its good categories .I like to share knowledge ,skills and information with all friends .Hope to all welcome me.
  • sornasorna Posts: 1
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    I'm new here.
    I'm looking forward for the wonderful topic and new learnings.

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  • MARY62980MARY62980 Posts: 4
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    Hi everyone! My name is Mary and my DH is Chris. He was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in 2007 shortly after we started trying to have children. The fertility testing is actually what brought on his diagnosis,strangely. So we have been dealing with that for the past few years and not really thinking about children again. This past year we had our 10th anniversary and started thinking about revisiting the plan again. Even before his CF diagnosis, we knew he would be unable to biologically father any children, so the plan has always been to use a donor. We recently agreed that we wanted to do at home insemination; just for the fact of trying to take all the clinical process out and make it feel a bit more "natural"... I knwo that may sound silly to some. We are going to being trying this month; so hopefully soon we can announce that we are expecting!!
  • sonja.bossartsonja.bossart Posts: 24
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    HI! My name is Sonja. I am 26, a Nurse and single mother by choice (at least for now). I have a son, nearly 8 yrs old- conceived naturally. In early 2010, my husband came home from a deployment, we only had ONE day together, and I got pregnant! It was a wonderful surprise... when I told my husband, he said he wasn't ready and gave me an ultimatum to abort or he would leave me. I refused and he left me for another woman (this woman he impregnated during a fling just before he there was baby mama drama throughout his deployment and our marriage). Soon after my husband walked out, I found out my pregnancy was ectopic... after the LAP procedure, I was told that the surgeon had no choice but to removed my left ovary and fallopian tube. This was a great blow to me and I spent the following year in mourning in a way...
    After my divorce I took time to heal and just focused on my son and work and school. I feel stronger and ready to try for what I hope will be a little girl!!! my remaining ovary and tube are normal and functioning fine. My cycles are regular and I'm a generally healthy woman. I need no meds and am planning to do at home ICI/IVI. Wish me luck! Good luck to all of you as well!!!
    I have one son and I lost a baby (naturally) and my husband 4 years ago. Building a family on my own now.
    Waiting for my little Halinchka: Beata Halina
  • scoop1970scoop1970 Posts: 2
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    Susan, Single, 40, Dallas-Fort Worth. Did an ICI at home on Friday. 21 day cycle. Ovulated on Day 11 which is about average for me. Tried 2 IUIs and 1 IVF two years ago. Short cycle seemed to surprise my doctor each time; it was a rush around day 8 to give me my shot and get me in the next day. During the IVF, I only made 1 egg in spite of being on a very aggressive protocol. The egg didn't divide past 5 cells. Wow, writing that is kind of depressing. :) In any case, I figured what the heck--I'm going to try i ta few more times. I believe in my body and I like the idea of a natural cycle instead of all the meds. So, I'm in the two week wait now :) Yeah!
  • 8isenough8isenough Posts: 242
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    Hello Ladies,
    I am Michelle, 35 and have been married to my Dh Owen for almost 17 years. We have seven beautiful adopted children, our Oldest son Josh is 23, Jessica is 20, Tony is 18, Emily is 15, William is 12, Danny is 10, and Michael is 9 (Irish Twins born 9 months apart). We tried to get pregnant back in the 90's and then when we adopted the youngest four children decided to wait until they were older. Now with my baby turning 10, I am ready for another baby. We are using a donor because DH has a 0 sperm count, although we just recently discovered this. We currently live in a tiny Bush village in Alaska, so all my appointments will be fly outs, so this should be interesting. I swore I wouldn't get my hopes up this time around, I remember all to well the emotional roller coaster I was on last time we tried. Guess what, I'm already jumping on the roller coaster! It is nice though I have two friends who both are ttc with donors as well, all the support a girl can get a girl needs right? I will be the first to admit I know very little about the whole process, I don't remember a lot from when we trying before, and everything seems to have changed so much!
    TTC #1 11/2011 BFN; #2 12/2011 BFN; #3 1/2012 BFN
  • uuh7N5517uuh7N5517 Posts: 71
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    Hi everyone! I have been thinking of posting on here for a few weeks now. I figured I would take the plunge! My partner (40) and I (33) have been together for 7 years and have always talked about having children. We now have two puppies, each filling the void for 6 months at a time :) It also makes it tought having 11 nieces and nephews! We finally took the first steps in april and purchased a book then we contacted a friend of mine who is a gyno. He ran some tests and discovered I have PCOS. Who knew! So he started me on clomid for day 5-10, did an HCG 30+ hours before IUI then vivelle-dot for 10 days to reverse the effects of the clomid. we are now 6days post and the wait is killing us! We are staying positive! How nice it would be if it only took one try!

    UPDATED - IUI #1 was BFN... Today is day 5 of round 2 of clomid, swimmers to arrive today then HCG July 4th and IUI #2 on July 5th! Keep your fingers crossed for me! I don't think I have the patience to do this every month! Nor will my partner be able to withstand my snappy mood swings from the clomid :)
    IUI #3 & 4 also BFN :( just had IUI #5 on Thursday
    IUI #'s 1-4 BFN, IUI #5 chemical pregnancy, ICI#1 BFN
  • bri77bri77 Posts: 21
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    Hi everyone. I am Bri, I am 33- I will be 34 in August. I have always wanted to be a mother.Even more so since I lost my own mother in 2009. I want a family, and am tired of finding the right guy. I have been thinking about AI for a few months. I think I am finally getting ready to move along in the process. I just hope I didn't wait to long, Any words of advice are appreciated.
  • TarTar Posts: 4
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    Hi everybody. Tar here, 41, been waiting for Mr. Right, realized I'm running out of time so I'm not waiting anymore. Gearing up to start actively trying in July. Hopefully with no problems as my doc says I'm healthy and shouldn't have a problem. Guess we'll see. Have a few questions for the experts that I'll post in the TTC forum. I've been lurking for a little while and this seems like a really welcoming place;)
  • ZoZo Posts: 23
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    My wife and I are new to this site and decided that the time has come for us to TTC. I am 29 and she is 28 and I will be carrying our first child. We actually just tried for the first time over the weekend with a KD. We are very hopeful. I have read alot of post on this site and I see that everyone here serves as a great support system for one another so my wife thought that it would be a good idea to post on here since we aren't telling anyone yet. Wishing BabyDust to all!!! Looking forward to meeting new people..
    Good Luck & Lots of Baby Dust to ALL!!!
  • rtyler0415rtyler0415 Posts: 1
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    hi my name is renekah my partner krystal and i have been together for eight wonderful yrs. we've always seen ourselves as kind hearted caring people. we have a five year old godson who we adore :) but it does not stop the void we have in our hearts from not having our own children for a while we have been visiting and anticipating when our chance at motherhood would arrive and we are so very excited and ....hopefully around this time next year we will have our chance!! wish us luck!
  • toshistationtoshistation Posts: 1
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    Hello there. I am a 33 year old single working mom to 2 boys (one through divorce, one through a known donor) who are 9 and almost 4 years old. I am waffling on whether to have one mire child. I know my time is limited, although I conceived easily the prior two times, I am getting older. I come from a very small family and would like my kids to have strong bonds in each other (I'm an only child with 1 cousin who doesn't want children). The main thing they gives me pause is the cost of infant care...I was looking forward to having that extra money for the next several years (until my oldest starts college). Anyway, I wish you all the best luck and if I do decide to TTC#3 it will be in the fall or winter.
  • CocoRoCocoRo Posts: 23
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    Hello everyone I'm really not active on the boards but I wanna introduce myself. I'm Sheridan aka( Sheri) 41 SMBC I finally decided to take matters into my own hand to become mother and I'm now 16 weeks pregnant with a baby girl !!! With two miscarriages in the past I was hesitant of announcing this pregnancy but this strong healthy little girl seems to be sticking and staying. With that said and in the second trimester I'm announcing my pregnancy.
  • zouchuzouchu Posts: 2
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