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  • KHKH Posts: 19
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    Hi everyone.

    My story? I was married for 13 years and have 3 sons from that marriage. They are 22, 20, and 18. The 22yo and the 18yo still live at home but 18yo is moving out next spring. The 20yo just joined the Army and left us in May. He is married and has a 1yo baby boy.

    I accidentally got pg with my little girl about 7 years ago. Very not planned. I am still single, by choice, but wanted my dd, 6yo, to have a sibling to grow up with. So I used a donor from NW and had a baby boy. He is now 3yo. My oldest, who owns our home, and I want to have one more baby around. I really feel the pull to have a baby again and he is not planning on getting married any time in the next 10 years (or possibly ever), so here I am again.

    My donor from when I had Levi is no longer available, so we are using a new donor. Kind of scary for me, but well worth it, in the end.

    Not much else to tell except this: About a year after I had Levi we moved and could not get internet until last week. That is why I have been missing so long. I hope some of you remember me. I was previously registered as Kamri.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone again.
  • wishingforanotherwishingforanother Posts: 18
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    Hello!! Been lurking for a bit...I am 33 now looking to have another baby. I was married once before for 7 years and it ended but I have a wonderful daughter. Dated for awhile but just haven't found the right person to share my life with. I am ready to have another child (been ready since she was 2)!! And so the journey begins! Will smbc and loving it! I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing our experiences together!!
  • three3wishesthree3wishes Posts: 1
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    Hi, I'm Julie.
    My husband and I have been married for a little over 8 years. In 2008 we found out that he was unable to have children and that I don't ovulate on a regular basis. We have done a lot of research and we've been thru 2 failed adoptions. It's been an emotional rollercoaster for the last 3 and a half years, but we have always known that if it was God's will then it would happen. We've prayed hard and put it in His hands! We decided a couple of months ago that we were going to try to conceive using a donor, but we knew we were going to have to wait til 2012 and we were ok with it. I went to my parent's house on 7/10/2011 only to find out that my Dad wanted to pay for us to be able to start a family. I have never been so happy in my life. I also don't think I've ever shed so many tears at such a joyous occassion. I have the absolute best father in the world! So, I've made an appointment with my OB to get back on fertility drugs and soon I will be on my way to being a mother. Wow, it's been a long hard road, but I'm up for any challenge! This time next year I hope to be posting pictures of my little one.
    Also, I'm open to any advice that anyone might have for me.
    Thanks for reading my story and God Bless!
    It's all up to God....when in His hands all things are possible!
  • che_aramiche_arami Posts: 787
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    hi all! I'm new to this forum and to nw-just ordered my first spermies from them to do my first IUI hopefully sometime next week! I'm originally from Cleveland but was living in Argentina with my dp (who is from Paraguay) until we moved to Chicago last year. kind of confusing, I know :), but we love it here! I'm a field interviewer for a NIH study on maternal and child health, and dp is in seminary getting her mdiv. we'd been thinking about kids off and on the whole time we've been together (about 6 years) and finally buckled down to it this year; I've been charting since Jan in preparation. so we're trying out mr. 290 hopefully starting next week...wish me luck! awesome to meet you all :)
    got our miracle BFP on first IVF after 3 years TTC. DS born may 20, 2015 after emergency cesarean. all are doing well and trying to figure out this new journey!!
  • kari&antoniakari&antonia Posts: 1
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    Hello everyone!!! We are Kari (35) and Antonia (28). We have been together for 5 years. We are new to this forum and to NW and really happy to be involved. We are absolutely in love and always wanted to have a child. We will be making our first attempt at home insemination in this August. We live in New York state. But unfortunatelly NW does not sent dewars to state New York. We look forward to sharing any information with all of people on this forum.
  • bettybohemianbettybohemian Posts: 4
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    Hello! I'm Betty B. This. Is my firs time TTC. I just got through my first tww, which ended in a BFN. I have two adopted boys. 4 and 5. My partner and I have been together since 2002!
  • IsisVgoddessIsisVgoddess Posts: 1
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    Greetings everyone.
    I'm Bridgett and I'm new here, I have been thinking about artificial insemination for some time now. I have three children two boys 15 and 13 and a my little princess Grace she is 2. She will be 3 9/11.

    My husband and I had planned on having another baby when Grace turned 2, but he was killed in a accident when Grace was six months old. He was in a coma for a week before he died. The event was so traumatic that I did not even think about having his sperm stored before his death.

    I just turned 38 and I am really wanting to have another child before I get much older. My husband and I wanted to make sure Grace would have a sibling close to her age to grow up with since my boy's are so much older then her.

    I currently have a degree in Biology and I am close to finishing my bachelors in Electrical Engineering. Luckily I'm able to work from my home as a health, skin care, and personal stylist, while I finish my EE degree. It also allows me to spent lots of time with my children due to the fact I am able to set my own schedule.

    I have been researching artificial insemination for some time as I previously mentioned. Its is just a bit overwhelming trying to work through the process of finding all the correct information and how to get started.
    Bridgett Fowler
  • swaggaon1oneswaggaon1one Posts: 1
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    Hello everyone, iam new to the forum an iam the partner of "destiny" just wanted to join to see what its all about and get info on some things.
  • DooniezmomDooniezmom Posts: 77
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    Hi there. Im Brandy from Wa. My DH and I tried TTC 2 years ago with IUI but it failed. THen he was shipped to AK for 2 years but now is back and we are TTC again. THis time we are doing IVF with Donor sperm and Husbys. Hopefully it works. We have 2-14 year old sons now. One biological and the other is special needs that we adopted at 7 years. Ive always wanted to have another baby but my PCO would disagree!
  • yennieMTyennieMT Posts: 143
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    Hi! My name is Jennie (33) and I am TTC as a SMBC. First attempt will be mid-september 2011. It's been many years of considering to be a parent and now is the time. I look forward to learning from all of your experiences.
  • doin' it myselfdoin' it myself Posts: 1
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    Hi! I'm Jen and I live in Northeastern WI. I'm 33 and single and, honestly, just want to have the baby(s) before its too late. I don't want to settle on someone just because my biological clock is ticking, and rather than randomly get knocked up in a bar, I just feel this is a more ethical and healthy choice to make. I'll worry about a partner later.

    I'm a couple of weeks, I'll be heading into my 3rd attempt TTC. My 1st insem was natural, BFN. My 2nd insem was 50mg clomid days 3-7, trigger hcg shot given after ultrasound to check follicles, BFN on that one too.

    The next attempt will be 100 mg clomid days 3-7, 2mg estrace days 8-12, ultrasound day 14, trigger hcg shot tbd by follicle growth and 36 hours after injection, I'll go in for my insemination. The thing I like about the ultrasound, is you have a visual on the follicle development, as well as the health of your endometrium, in case you need to be on prometrium to improve your endometrial wall for implantation. If anyone has any additional suggestions that have worked for you or people you know, I'm all ears. I'm just so glad to be a part of such a supportive group of loving people that want a family.

    Best wishes to all of you!!! I'll be sure to keep you all posted on my progress.
  • TheoldladyTheoldlady Posts: 52
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    Hello - my name is Cheryl and I am sure I will be the old lady of the group at 45. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for close to 15 years. We have been through years of fertility treatments and have spend tens of thousands of dollars - all with no baby at the end. I'll never forget listening to the RE talk about statistics and thinking we would never be in the group that was not successful. I'm sure I don't have to describe the heartbreak we have had over the years.
    After taking a couple of years off to regroup, we began to look for someone to who would help us with our journey. It took over a year, but we have found a wonderful young woman who is willing to donate her egg and carry the baby - we will be using a sperm donor. We are hoping to make our first attempt in September.
    So, I am officially back on the "I want to have a baby ride" - I hope to share the excitement and hopefully joy with all of you.
  • BonitaGBonitaG Posts: 94
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    I've been lurking for a while but now that we are officially registered with NW I thought it was time to officially join the group. My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years. We are unable to conceive due to male factor infertility. We had hoped to adopt and were placed with a baby girl. She was with us for 6 days and then her birth mom changed her mind. That was possibly the most difficult thing we have ever been through. We would like to adopt, but can't go through another interruption. So, we are going to TTC with a donor. I am 38 and Dh is 33. I am hoping that my "advanced maternal age" :rolleyes: produces :rolleyes: won't be too much of a factor. My grandma and 2 of my aunts all had babies in their late 30s and early 40s. We plan to start trying in September. This board has already been a great help and source of information and I'm really glad to know there is so much support here.

    Blessings to all.
    Me = 38 DH = 33 married 11/1/02 - dx mfi 5/03
    7/11 - Adopted a sweet baby girl, she was with us for 6 days when BM changed mind. UPDATE: BM contacted us 6 weeks later and asked if we still wanted to adopt baby girl - YES!
    She needs a sibling! cycle #1 10/07/11 = BFN -- #2 10/29/11 = BFN -- #3 11/?/11

    praying for BFPs and happy, healthy pregnancies for all :)
  • HorrorFan88HorrorFan88 Posts: 79
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    Hey Guys,

    My name is Felicia and I am 23 years old. My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years now and we have been together for 5. My hubby has had a lot of medical treatment throughout his life and we quickly came to the conclusion that he is sterile because of it :( On top of that he has just undergone a stem cell transplant recently which has permanently made him sterile.....we had pretty much given up hope. I was looking around on the internet trying to find a cheap solution to our problem since we don't have much money and then discovered IUI treatment. I had no idea you could get sperm from a bank and have it sent to your home! I might have finally found a solution to our dream of having a family! We are going to TTC in September for the first time- hopefully we will get lucky. I've really enjoyed reading all of your inspiring stories on the boards and thanks to you guys and this site- I once again have hope :)
  • MeetTheRobinsonsMeetTheRobinsons Posts: 3
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    Hey All!!
    My partner (Shawn) and I (Samantha) have been together for almost 4 years but we have know each other for 7. We have decided that it is time to add to our wonderful family. I (Samantha) will be the one carrying. We are still in the beginning steps. We haven't picked a donor yet but we are planning to have our first insemination next month. We really want twins but as long as our baby is healthy we would be just as happy. I wonder if anyone has had twins and could suggest any donor? Is that allowed? lol

    Nice to meet you all,
    Samantha and Shawn
  • BabyBumpBabyBump Posts: 4
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    Hi!! My name is Shara & DP is Kim...we have been together for over 3 years & decided its time to have a baby of which I will be carrying. I joined a few months ago but I dont have access to a computer so I'm finally trying with my phone which is kind of aggravating but its getting the job done!! I recently purchased sperm to be shipped to me for the first time Wednesday but unfortunately the plane was having mechanical issues & it got to me too late so I had to refuse the dewar and have it sent bck which was heart breaking because I really really wanted to start this TTC journe but thats my story!!! Feels good to finally be able to post something!! Looking forward to getting to know u guys!!
  • Sesha808Sesha808 Posts: 1
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    Hi! My name is Sesha I am 21. I have known I wanted to have a baby since I was 10 years old, putting blankets and pillows in my shirt, trying to look pregnant. I know it sounds silly (and maybe even a little crazy) but still will catch myself doing it now. The number one thing I want out of my life is to have a baby. My only problem is, is that I am tired of waiting trying to find someone who is on the same track as me, and want the same things out of life. I know I am young, but I am ready for a child. I am currently stationed in Hawaii. If all goes well I will be moving to Whidbey Island sometime next year. I rally want to open this next chapter of my life with the blessing of a child. I also just started looking into AI this past week and don't know all my terms yet, so hopefully this site will be a knowledge opener in that aspect. I am really looking forward to meeting new people you have the same want out of life, a child.

    Good Luck to those that are in this journey too.
  • starviewchickstarviewchick Posts: 348
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    Hello! My name is Liz (36) and I am TTC as a SMBC. First two attempts were june and july 2011, bfn. I look forward to my bfp and in the meanwhile to learn more about this wonedrfull community.
  • tinker13tinker13 Posts: 36
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    This community is awesome and the women hear are so helpful with getting pregnant and the process of being pregnant. they all have so much awesome information and some make lasting friendships. good luck on your third try and I hope we hear that you got a bfp!

  • LOng OvaDueLOng OvaDue Posts: 3
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    I gave myself the name long ovadue because after being with my 1st childs father for 13yrs he promised we would have 2nd child when it was better circumstances. that never happen..waste of time. Then, I started dating other people when me and my baby dad broke up. the 1st guy I met was killed a year later. 2nd guy I met was torn between me and ex girlfriend another year of my life wasted and then I ws 33. I met another guy @ 34 and asked him 2 B my donor cuz he was married but it got 2 complicated cause he wanted 2 B involved wit the child but that couldn't happen if he was married. I couldn't let him divorce because I only asked him 2 B donor. So I tracked my ovalation for 3 months and got registered then discovered that my perferred donor was only available for I.V.F, kinda disappointing so went with 2nd choice made my 1st try 18 hours after smiley face. Then discovered a donor wit very same features is now available wit plenty of vails for I.U.I or I.C.I >< oh well if I'm blessed 2 pregnat this time I can jus buy vials and keep them stored until I ready 2 try have another baby wit perferred donor. MayB the lord is trying 2 bless me wit the more the merrier. Now comes the hard part the 2 week wait. #PRAYING,HOPING =0 Got my BFN on 9/9/11 i'm not 2 disappointed because I get 2 try again wit a donor with my perferred features, he was not available when I ordered. Now gearing up 4 another try N October. It's like a sign from above because donor became available same day as my last attempt. So excited got good feeling bout this try...need prayer & faith.
    Closer 2 dream
  • LOng OvaDueLOng OvaDue Posts: 3
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    Auntrayray wrote:
    Hi! I'm Raych...been lurking for a while soaking it all up. This forum is great and the people here are absolutely amazing. We have two children, 12 and 10 and decided we want one more. DH had a vasectomy 8 1/2 years ago thinking that we were through. We decided to try AI with a donor instead of reversal mainly due to costs but also the success rates of reversal. We will start TTC Sept or Oct with our first order from NW.
    Hi Raych, Just stopping by 2 wish U luck. I'm new 2 this forum also, I made my 1st attemt in August, so just wishing U Bby dust on your attemt N September or October.
    Closer 2 dream
  • LOng OvaDueLOng OvaDue Posts: 3
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    We seem 2 Have a lot N common because just like U it, it was no luck 4 me after a long term realationship with my daughter father 2 find some1 else on the dating sence that wanted the same thing as me. My childs father didn't want another child until everything was perfect,which never happen. So I moved forward but every guy after didn't want a kid @ the same time I did & I was running out of time approaching 35. LIke you , I decided to take matters N my own hand and choose a donor and made my 1st attemt N August. I now waiting the 2 weeks. So this is support 4 U as a fellow future single mother JUST DO WHAT U NEED 2 Do & have no regrets.
    Sesha808 wrote:
    Hi! My name is Sesha I am 21. I have known I wanted to have a baby since I was 10 years old, putting blankets and pillows in my shirt, trying to look pregnant. I know it sounds silly (and maybe even a little crazy) but still will catch myself doing it now. The number one thing I want out of my life is to have a baby. My only problem is, is that I am tired of waiting trying to find someone who is on the same track as me, and want the same things out of life. I know I am young, but I am ready for a child. I am currently stationed in Hawaii. If all goes well I will be moving to Whidbey Island sometime next year. I rally want to open this next chapter of my life with the blessing of a child. I also just started looking into AI this past week and don't know all my terms yet, so hopefully this site will be a knowledge opener in that aspect. I am really looking forward to meeting new people you have the same want out of life, a child.

    Good Luck to those that are in this journey too.
    Closer 2 dream
  • wonderredwonderred Posts: 35
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    Hi all! I'm Cyndi. I'm 41 and live in Denver. I'm a single mom of a 4.5 year old boy, by divorce and I'm trying to add #2 to our family. I'm getting ready to meet with an RE about IUI but plan to try at home ICI in the interim while all the usual tests are done. I'm so happy to have found this forum and no longer feel so alone in this journey!!
    Mom to the Strawberry Sprite. TTC #2 since 9/2011
    ICI at home 9/11 = BFN,

  • SMBCinVASMBCinVA Posts: 6
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    Hi everyone!

    I was referred to NW by a friend who used NW to conceive her child. I am now going on 30. After a lot of soul-searching, I have decided now is the time for me. I am somewhat familiar to the forums from my friend so at least I know some of the lingo.

    I should be embarking on my ttc journey in the next month or so. Still trying to choose a donor.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you.
    **Baby Dust**
  • southernbellesouthernbelle Posts: 18
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    I'm T, 28 and my partner, 37 and I are finally ready to begin the whole ttc process. We've been together almost 7 years. We are both terrified and elated. We've decided to do everything we can to optimize the process in the months leading up to conception so I'm charting, taking FertilAid, Omegas, exercising, and we're on the search for an OvaCue. I suffer from PCOS and am about to start progesterone cream to aid the whole estrogen dominance factor there. We signed up with NW two...almost three years ago and are finally ready. We would like to conceive at home with IUI. We've picked our donor and we're ready to put him to work. smile. You can follow our journey at tralee303.wordpress.com Any advice or tips are always welcome. The more the better. We're happy to be a part of this wonderful community. Good luck to everyone!
  • latreashalatreasha Posts: 2
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    Hello everyone ive been looking in on everything for the last couple of months....ive learned alot my registration is now complete and i can order sperm whenever....i am 21 and my gf is 30 weve been together for 3 years she has a 7 year old from a past relationship....we both want another baby....i have been taking vitamins and all preparing myself and my body im soo nervous and hoping to get pregnant on the first try....am i being realistic about this or what?
  • brehubb88brehubb88 Posts: 30
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    Hey there everyone!! This is Bre and Becca and we are from St Cloud, Mn. 22 and 23 years old and have been happily together for four years now. We have finally got our career paths going and ready to add to our family (2 huskies and one husky/rott). We are going to try at home insemination starting next month, and are hoping for some beginners luck! We look foward to sharing our experience with everyone!!

  • tboz33tboz33 Posts: 210
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    Hello Everyone,
    I've been lurking for a while and decided to jump in to the conversations. I'm a single mom of a beautiful girl. When her dad and I split, I was very disappointed because I wanted our family together and to grow. I've wanted a sibling for her since she was about a year old. Well, now she's 4 and their hasn't been anything happening in my life on the "natural" front. So, here I am. I've made the decision to try AI to grow our family to at least one more. I'm new to this world although I've been "preparing" my family for years with the notion through little comments in jest thrown about. haha I kept being told, "No, do it God's way." Well if they knew what I thought about God's way, they'd be a little distraught. Good thing I'm not letting them make my decisions for me. As I've been lurking I've been so amazed by everyone's sheer delight and support for one another. I've been wonderfully drawn in. You are a really great group of women. I'm 40 years old and I'm venturing out into really new territory. It's very exciting for me!
    18.5 Weeks...I'm Showing!

    Being a mommy has been the best thing by far in this life. I'd have 10 if I could, but I'm older.....So, I am going for one or two more! Most likely just one. :)

    Sept'11AI-BFN, Oct'11AI-BFN, Nov'11AI-BFN, Dec'11NI-BFN, Jan'12NI-BFN, Feb'11NI-BFN, AprilAI'12-BFN, JuneAI'12-BFN, Sept'12AI-BFN (Big Sigh), Nov'12-OH MY WORD, I'm HAVING a baby!!!
  • melandfomelandfo Posts: 490
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    Hey everyone!

    I decided after years of stalking to join the forum. My name is Courtney and my partners name is Melissa. We will have been together 6 years in January. We have wanted to start a family for a while. I have PCOS and hypothyroid and so I have been focusing on trying to work on my health. I have lost about 70lbs but I still have a ways to go till I am where I want to be. We were going to wait but my Mother was diagnosed this past Saturday with a recurrence of Ovarian Cancer (Original DX in July 2009). I want her to be a grandmother and have the opportunity to know our child/children. SO here we are. We don't have much of a support system here and because I have PCOS I don't want to discuss it with friends and family until we are pregnant and pretty far along.

    I ovulated for the first time last month (that I know of) thanks to soy isoflavones on cycle days 5-9. So I am currently on cd 7 and taking soy again this month. We have ordered our swimmers to arrive on sept 28th. We are nervous and excited. Reading all of your posts really has taught us alot. =) Nice to meet you all!
    Courtney and Melissa
    TTC # 1 w/PCOS & Hypothyroid
    17 cycles finally BFP
  • htht Posts: 1
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